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Monday, March 28, 2022

Albert Rosales and his vast output of alleged UFO encounters

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Albert’s books – pictured – are gems of unusual humanoid encounters or weird sci-fi like episodes that many people have provided or offered as actual experiences.
Can so many accounts be hallucinatory? I don’t think that makes psychological or neurological sense/
Are they fictional accounts being passed off as real events? Sure, there are a lot of sociopaths running around but most of the Rosales people seem outside that category.
Are these real episodes of actual paranormal (even extraterrestrial) activity? José Caravaca’s Distortion Theory presents a possibility, and his creative plot of an “external agent” – which will be clarified in his new pending 800 page book – may suggest an explanation steeped in an intrusion that borders on the unreal within the real, something explored but yet to be clarified in any way that is amenable to our current mode(s) of understanding.
Then there is a Platonic reality, apart from our “normal” appearing reality, that seems to be taunting human thought more and more as time proceeds.
Some UFO enthusiasts find that other reality in the extraterrestrial hypothesis. I don’t, as you know, and many astrophysicists would agree. The ETH or ET idea flies in the face of physical reality and concomitants of astronomical/cosmological reality, as we know it.
But do the accounts, so plentiful and elaborate as those presented by Rosales’ vast collection of them tell us things that are true?
There is a truth there, but like Bucke’s Cosmic Consciousness that truth remains shallow or murky, without intellectual gravity or explanatory pith.
(Bucke’s accounts of CC provide nothing of substance.)
Albert Rosales tales are ripe and juicy but with a fairy tale patina, as explained  by Bruno Bettelheim in The Uses of Enchantment: The Meaning and Importance of Fairy Tales:
“Fairy-tale motifs are not neurotic symptoms, something one is better off understanding rationally so that one can get rid of them. Such motifs are experienced as wondrous because the [person] feels understood and appreciated deep down in his feelings, hopes, and anxieties…” [Page 19, Vintage Books, NY]
(The word “person” interpolated above is “child” in the original which applies to many who make up the Rosales content but also applies, as I see it, to the child-like telling of the events also by the adult participants.)
My point is that most of the stories (accounts) in Rosales oeuvre take on the fabric of fairy tales and may well be just that: ‘reports” surging from the unsconscious, not from a neurotic standpoint but from a “normal” upsurge from the depth of memory or need (anxiety) or some other psychological construct.
But that would need to be explained by a real examination of some researcher investing in Jung’s ideas as promulgated in Mans Search for Meaning or Freud’s Civilization and Its Discontents.
That is, the vast accounts of humanoid or alleged alien encounters are psychological, not paranormality or anything to do with actual alien [ET] or non-human intrusions. The events are fantasies of the mind, even when two or more persons are involved, a kind of folie à [x].

The matter hasn’t been explored by psychologists or neurologists, or even folklorists as such tales, from within the UFO environment, are eschewed for real study.
Yet, the Rosales stories, while perhaps having little or nothing to do with UFOs, per se, they are intriguing in their own way.
And should they turn out to be actual, real accounts, intact and true as reported, then we have another element of reality to deal with, one that either compliments the reality suggested by the UFO phenomenon or presents a subset to that reality Plato suggests encompasses us substantively more than the one we continue to wallow in.


  • My reaction to Rosales' books would likely equal the befuddlement I felt after reading Michael Swords "Summa Faeryologica" online series. I have no idea what to make of any of it.

    By Blogger Ron, at Monday, March 28, 2022  

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