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Friday, March 25, 2022

Cheryl Costa and UFO “Hotspots”

Cheryl Costa is a somewhat noted ufologist; her specialty is listing (in a few books) the number of UFOs seen over states, cities, and, recently, over zip codes!
Yes, she has provided UFO sightings over zip codes.
When I asked her, the other day, to what end (her zip code listings), she provided a summary of her process or procedure.
When I pressed her for the reason, she gave me one more example of how she gathers the information.
I thanked her, but left the Facebook conversation with no idea of the purpose for such diligent effort or information.
What does the number of UFOs spotted over a city or a city park tell us? (Maybe that there’s something of interest being looked at, but who knows what might be interesting, within a zip code.)
The other effort, which gets attention from UFOers, falls into that hobby of collecting all the previous flying saucer magazines, newsletters, ‘zines, and other amateur publications produced over the years.
What are we to do with that stuff?
If some researcher is scrutinizing the material for an inherent clue in all those publications, god bless them. But no one is doing that. They’re just piling up the stuff on their shelves, just to have them….as most of us do.
Once UFOs or UAP are explained, or understood – unmasked for what hey really are --the zip code numbers and moldering sheets of old sightings or events will be tossed aside, one would hope, and the gatherers moved to do something more efficacious with their time and space.


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