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Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Some current UFOs are ours?

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During the John Greene- walt Jr. [Black Vault] live You Tube presentation the other night, a question from one of his regulars prompted John to reflect on an incident during one of the AATIP encounters – the Nimitz sightings I think – where, after the epi- sodes, some Air Force officers boarded the Navy vessel and confiscated the materials and data gathered during the sighting(s).
This led John to suggest that, perhaps, the “things” spotted and seen on radar, with videos, may have been advanced prototypes flown into Naval practice runs to see how the Navy would react to the UFO [UAP] artifacts, as a sort of test of the prototypes and how they’d be received by other militaries, especially those on a par with U.S. military.
This would mean that the Air Force has advanced “craft” that is under wraps and the Navy isn’t aware of the prototypes.
This opens a can of worms but would explain some current or modern UFO sightings, but not those of years back, of course.
And it also opens the door to the idea of many UFOers that the U.S. government may have back-engineered some disabled UFOs (flying saucers) they have, and are now testing the results.
This speculation by John and others in the UFO community is somewhat popular but has little to do with the essence of UFOs, even those supposedly disabled and gathered by the military over the years.
But it should ease the anxiety of those who worry about the UFO enigma.


  • This theory gets shot down more often than any other, which would explain all the saucer crashes.

    The Atlantean gods with their hot rods are laughing at us. :)

    By Blogger Ron, at Wednesday, March 23, 2022  

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