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Thursday, March 31, 2022

That ET idea: it’s a Malignant hypothesis

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Of course, all UFO enthusiasts are familiar with the ETH, the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis.
It’s been with us since the very first, publicly noted sighting: Kenneth Arnold’s 1947 Ranier Mountain observation.
And it spurted up with Frank Scully’s well-received Behind the Flying Saucers and the George Adamkski “revelations” alongside Donald Keyoe’s assertion and then pushed by the von Däniken Chariots of the Gods and a number of news media presentations and films of the 1950s and 60s.
And an extension of the flying saucer [UFO] phenomenon took upon itself the idea of alien (extraterrestrial) visitors from outer space interacting with humans, made spicy by those films, magazines, and the Betty/Barney Hill alleged abduction by sci-fi-like beings.
Today we have a vast repertoire of supposed ET encounters, from chroniclers as astute as Albert Rosales and Preston Dennett, whose current book Symmetry: A True UFO Adventure is an Amazon best-seller.

And then there are hundreds of videos dealing with or presenting human abductions or encounters, Here’s one making the rounds currently:
But the idea – ET visitors – is so improbable, that its ubiquitous presence within the UFO topic is a sign of Malignant Ignorance.
One can ignore the many reports of ETs visitors showing up in bedrooms or along highways, confronting or trying to take humans aboard their ET craft.
The astounding diversity of beings – of all shapes, sizes, colors et cetera – is indicative of hallucinatory episodes more than a panoply of vast visitations from a diverse number of extraterrestrial visitors from all over the cosmos.
(The physics for space visitors is too complex and difficult or non-reasonable if one accepts the notion that ETs would be advanced in intelligence.)
José Caravaca’s Distortion Theory, known by readers here, posits that the observations or encounters  between humans and alleged space visitors are “theatrical-like” events pressed upon some people by an “external agent.”
(That “external agent” concept is unclear for me, as what José suggests is actually an “internal agent” in my thinking mode: a psychological, maybe a neurological, mechanism. But José’s idea is better explained by him, and a new 800 page book forthcoming from him will clarify the concept.)
The diversity of space beings – from Adamski’s “hoaxed” Orthon to all the entities from sober, non-hoaxing persons – is so over- whelming that it mitigates the idea of visitors from a number of cosmological civilizations to this pathetic, obscure planet in the backwoods of our Galaxy, not to mention the Universe itself, in which Earth is even more minor than one of the smallest elements in the quantum reality.
An examination by a serious folklorist – not David Clarke; he’s too UFO oriented – with a psychological background could explain the mechanisms by which persons see or experience alleged ET-non-human contact.
(I’ve offered some superficial ideas about the matter, but the topic needs serious attention and explication.)
The ET overlay has taken hold as the underlying UFO reality. That’s so obtuse that it rankles with persons who are reasonable or thoughtful.
More to come on the matter, but it’s akin to putting a cork into an iceberg crack in a sinking ship.


  • These are interesting tangents to the central UFO mystery. I can't see any of it defining let alone explaining what that is, but maybe I'm wrong and there is what one observer calls a "Unified Field Theory of the Paranormal" or some such that will explain it all. Or maybe it's like fusion power, where the end-game remains 30 years away, forever.

    By Blogger Ron, at Thursday, March 31, 2022  

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