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Tuesday, March 29, 2022

The UFO [UAP] Doldrums?

I’m not seeing any inspired assaults on the UFO phenomenon, anywhere.
Almost everyone is waiting for a more serious disclosure shoe to drop or have just withered under the enigmatic nature of UFOs.
Lots of goofy speculations, including mine, but nothing to hang a hat on.
Old cases/sightings appear regularly in every UFO venue. And even the MIB are getting a vast revival.
Some UFO enthusiasts are still going after Nick Pope, jealous of his popularity and public presence.
And Luis Elizondo is getting mixed marks from those who think he’s a “double agent” or just not as credible as he has been determined to be.
Something will pop up that invigorates the topic again, but it better happen pretty soon or we’ll lose more UFO hobbyists than we have already….maybe not a bad thing.


  • FOIA documents and witness stories can only go so far. It will take a legit insider to engineer a real breakthrough.

    By Blogger Ron, at Tuesday, March 29, 2022  

  • Yes, it is quiet out there. AATIP and Elizondo seem to have been a successful false operation.

    It sure had me going...


    By Blogger Bryan Daum, at Wednesday, March 30, 2022  

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