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Saturday, March 26, 2022

Two kinds of Insanity

History’s Ancient Alien show Friday night, 3/25, had two programs: one about the different shapes of UFOs – interesting – and one about “disclosure” – the AA fellows as mad as hatters in both.
But we’ve come to expect that from the AA people.
But then I get the latest Skunkworks post from Bryan Sentes – a genuinely scholarly but abstruse take on his current interest in Jeffrey Kripal and a few other peripheral UFO people:
As always, Bryan offers his “scholarly” sheen or patina, but it is, as usual with him, full of philosophical foolishness and humbuggery, as you’ll find by trying to fathom the clotted prose.

(Bryan tries mightily to infuse philosophical mishmash into the UFO topic, something that merely beclouds the UFO issues and even the phenomenon itself.)
Thus we have two kinds of madness: the AA nonsense (although ingeniously presented) and Bryan Sentes’ attempt at trying to be a scholar within the UFO milieu.
Neither works.
The phenomenon can't be treated philosophically, or even scientifically, it seems, and it is something more than the AA whimsy.
Yet, there we are, amidst an admixture of both kinds of silliness. You pays your money and you takes your choice.


  • I have no patience anymore for philosophical mind exercises. I don't need to get cozy with Kant or be awash in context. Those things are never going to buy me a hot meal: in this case an answer to UFOs.

    Of course there is one, but our guardians in Washington continue to keep it in lock-down. My current sense is that we might not like or understand it anyway.*

    *Curse the Phil Klass Curse.

    By Blogger Ron, at Saturday, March 26, 2022  

  • Ron, I'm awash with philosophy tomes but find them useless for the UFO topic even though some would try to insist the ideas about logic pertain.

    I have a few books, from scholars who write about what's wrong with Philosophy.

    And I parted ways with Bryan Sentes because of his open predilection for philosophers who were or are anti-Semitic.

    Also. he likes Derrida but gets much of that guy's ideas wrong.

    "Mind exercises" indeed -- a waste of time for most of us.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Saturday, March 26, 2022  

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