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Thursday, March 17, 2022

UFOs: the alternate reality, which is not [like] ours

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A note at FB was presenting physicist Brian Cox’s anti-UFO belief, which, for me, is an ignorant position for anyone in 2022.
UFOs [UAP] falling into a non-belief category for anyone is a category too ridiculous to spend time on, so I won’t.
But it has to be said (written) that UFOs represent a reality that may be so outré that, for some, it is an unreality, a phenomenon so far outside our understanding that it may as well be a non-thing.
We humans exist in a patterned world, full of quintessentials that are unique to this planet and its evolutionary particulars.
If UFOs represent emissaries from another reality or cosmological civilization, the phenomenon has nothing in common with this planet and its sentient beings.
To keep probing the phenomenon [UFOs] as if it has a commonality with humanity or this Earth is a particular intellectual and psycho- logical mistake.
A guy I know who keeps pressing humanity’s philosophical para- digms as a procedure for understanding or explaining is so im- pressively stupid, I understand why no one is paying attention to his forays into ufological discussion.
And those who press the ETH to answer the UFO enigma are just as stupid, as are those who insist that UFOs are modern-day craft, created by Earth’s militaries.
The UFO phenomenon is justifiably acute for study and serious research, but not as an adjunct to Earth’s reality – human reality.
UFOs are an entry to a reality that is so astoundingly different from human reality that discovering it or stumbling upon it will give percepts a kind of hallucinatory experience that makes schizo- phrenia seem like a visit to an ice cream shop.
Yes, I’m tired of anti-UFO skeptics but just as weary of UFO ET swamis or those who think UFOs are advanced creations of a brilliant military-industrial complex.
Thinking that alien bodies are being held in stasis by U.S. or Russisan/Chinese military cabals is a folly as mad or worse than the idea Kantian philosophy will provide an answer to the long-lived  mystery.
Enough already. Ignorance, in this instance is not bliss.

(Image atop is from The Daily Express)



  • High strangeness to the nth degree. Corporeal, but beyond that indecipherable, and which has no apparent impact on our daily lives. Sounds like a recipe for interdimensional pasta. (Whatever the concept of dimensions actually means.)

    By Blogger Ron, at Thursday, March 17, 2022  

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