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Tuesday, March 15, 2022

UFOs: The Peripheral Phenomenon

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Some local media folks were a little stunned by my sniping at a hamburger folly they put online (at Facebook of course).
I asked them to forgive me, because I lashed out, being peeved by our nonchalance about the Ukraine tragedy.
And, yes, the Ukraine horror has me irritated beyond my usual anger with the whims of the gods, fate, or whatever pushes reality around we humans.
This is where the UFO phenomenon comes in, for me.
That irritating mystery keeps popping up like an unwanted yet inconsequential guest at a dinner party.
While UFOs stoke the ire or interest of some reading here and many who are absorbed by the enigma, to the detriment of better things, the phenomenon (or phenomena, as Jerry Clark would have it) is without consequence to our being, as living sentient things on this Earth.
The animals and plant life of this planet, including we human animals, have existed for eons without any import from that which we call UFOs (or UAP for newbies).
UFOs have not impacted any segment of human society. Even those mentally disposed persons claiming “abduction” or stressful encounters with UFOs and “ETs” are little affected by their neu-rological malady that makes them think they have been actually kidnapped and studied by extraterrestrial beings.
The UFO phenomenon has not affected military defenses or armies in the field or without.
UFOs haven’t halted a sports event or interfered in a raging war or human crises like a vast storm or earthquake or volcanic eruption.
UFOs have not partaken in any human tragedy or fed the hungry with loaves and fishes as one “man” allegedly did once.
UFOs are peripheral, and have been, to our human existence, since, as I keep reminding you, time immemorial.
UFOs are a kind of computer game, without import like all com- puter games.
Maybe we should move on, and let them die from irrelevance like many who’ve spent a lifetime paying attention to them, to no avail, none whatsoever……


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