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Friday, March 18, 2022

What we're dealing with. (No wonder I'm cranky)

From Facebook (of course):

(I think Jacob meant "hovering" -- not offering, but auto-correct got him.) The photos show nothing!

My pal Rick Hilberg noted and bragged about being involved with UFOs for 60 years, followed by Rich Hoffman touting 58 years. (Is that something to brag about? A dissolute life? And I'm no better.)

Plus Google UFO news-feed is rife with the news that UFO info is rampant in President Obama's Presidential Library, but that no one will get their hands on that material for a long while.

And skeptics, like my buddy Robert Sheaffer -- I luv the guy! -- keeps referring to Ufoology [sic]. Is that a way to be taken seriously?

The UFO topic is awash with moronicism or madness. (Ron would agree I think.)



  • Rich, for those looking for answers, the frustration from not finding any can harden their hearts and minds. The rest have found the Internet a perfect place to state their opinions, which was always more important to them than learning.

    As for the debunkers, they're equally ufoolish for sticking around, but then they've always treated this like a joke. Worse, with some of them, their motives should be suspect.

    By Blogger Ron, at Friday, March 18, 2022  

  • I can see a skeptic taking on a UFO incident they find iffy but to attack the phenomenon in toto indicates intellectual malfeasance.

    The Facebookers, Ron, even my news media people are hooked on foolish things.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Friday, March 18, 2022  

  • We're also dealing with intellectual fatigue from recent disappointments.

    There were the the Navy images and reports and there was the promise/hope of disclosure. Then essentially nothing.

    That has led us to Lue Elizondo on talking circuit where he teases us and then says he can't talk about it.

    Now we get Obama's library as another teaser...but there are classified issues and it sounds like the library is stonewalling John Greenwald.

    Going back some -quite a bit actually- I remember thinking that with everyone getting cellphones with camera's that we would surely start getting lots real UFO photos. -It was even discussed here back then. But no.

    Maybe I should go back to comic books...


    By Blogger Bryan Daum, at Saturday, March 19, 2022  

  • Yah, Bryan, I'm with you.

    I'd like to regain my slew of those ET comics (I gave to my brothers when I grew up, or thought I had grown up).


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Saturday, March 19, 2022  

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