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Sunday, June 26, 2022

Memory and it affect on UFO events, especially supposed abductions or encounters

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Many advertisers instill the idea that people will obtain cherished memories from vacation trips, cruises, theme park visits, even dinner at McDonald’s – well, not McDonald’s but other eateries, et cetera.
No one recalls, purposely or vibrantly, memories from such mundane activities, unless something vivid or very much out of the ordinary takes place that impacts them personally or in some significant social way.
Some of you will say that seeing an odd object in the sky (or water) or apparently being accosted by strange beings will provide a vivid, long-remembered memory or recall.
And it will. But then those hearing or reading about the reported incident will have to decide if the incident actually occurred or was hallucinatory, an induced illusion.
While going over José Caravaca’s Distortion Theory with some professionals in the fields of neuroscience and psychology (psychiatry), there interest was somewhat concentrated on José’s hypothesis, but slightly strangled by the insertion of something called an “external agent” which I’m always hard-put to clarify.
The academics could understand an “internal agent” but something outside the biological entity, call the shots about what that entity’s senses are recording, enters an area not conducive to how neuroscientists see human mental processes functioning.
So, by-passing the matter, I offered some Albert Rosales humanoid encounters as grist for how memory records them or affects them, brings them on, creating the events rather than being brought forward from an event; the incidents manufactured by memory, not recalled details from an incident.
Here’s where the question of memory comes in ….
Is the reported recall of an alleged encounter or abduction a memory of the unusual incident, or did a mundane event bring forth a clutter of hidden memory that surrounded the supposed new event?
And was any re-imported memory important memory or latent memory of a pitiful kind, like a meal at McDonald’s?
Are the reported abduction tales or encounter reportage a confluence of memory recall lying dormant, waiting for a trigger episode to release a psychologically or neurologically hidden batch of interconnected memories or just a cluster of memories with similar artifacts to a real event, altering it?

Or is the new illusion, a mixture of memory that beclouds an unusual but not significant episode with semi-traumatic accoutrements?

Let me try to explicate….
Something unusual occurs to persons in a wavering situation. Do the details reported come from something unusual that actually happened? Or did a fuzzy, odd incident transmogrify into a new, hallucinated event, encrusted with reminiscent memory that has some neurological or psychological similarities to the environmental moment that witnesses seem to experience.
I see connections with sexual overtones from past traumas but such hallucinatory episodes can be spiked into a new incident by routine. non-sexual memories that have no apparent connection to the new detailed occurrence, which some professionals suggest. (Non-Freudians apparently.)
More to come, for those interested and who sloughed through this potpourri of conjectural concepts about memory input and output.)


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