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Tuesday, July 26, 2022

I hope my pal John Greenewald Jr. [Black Vault] isn’t being hoodwinked (getting the run around) from DoD and now NASA

Heres’s the 7/26 Google UFO newsfeed:

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I was notified, by YouTube, of a Black Vault live feed last night (7/25) of some new material John Greenewald Jr. received. It was about some letters and video that the NASA head and John Podesta were provided, showing some moving “lights” during Shuttle or Space Station feeds.
The videos were blasé as I saw them and hardly worth any time spent on them.
This made me wonder if John’s FOIA requests – which specify items he is seeking – are sidestepped in a way that diverts him from what he really is seeking.
Yes, the FOIA responses appear to be (and have to be?) germane to his requests but is there occasional subterfuge in the DoD responses, and now NASA’s responses?
That is, can those agencies sneak by what John is asking for, supplying ample but not exactly what he is seeking to find out?
There seems to be a lot of non-information ramped up in the Black Vault material lately.
John finds the information he’s given to be on point, but often it seems not to be.
The NASA presentation last night was tepid and not even circumstantial to the phenomenon: moving white imagery could be anything, as John noted: debris, ice splinters, junk.
Why spend time on such detritus? John is looking for hard-core evidence of UFOs (or dammit, UAP).

He’s getting the periphery, the clutter and bureaucratic surplus attendant to what he’s seeking.
A runaround? A calculated diversion? I would hope not, but NASA and the DoD are government agencies not known for transparency or truth-telling.


  • This is business as usual. Runaround is the default setting.

    There's no indication that the power brokers want to give up the secret that's their raison d'être. Without a real threat (Congressional, whistleblower, media release, incontrovertible evidence), there's no reason to change the game plan.

    Sorry to be pessimistic.

    By Blogger Ron, at Tuesday, July 26, 2022  

  • You're not being pessimistic Ron.... You're being realistic.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Tuesday, July 26, 2022  

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