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Wednesday, September 07, 2022

From Google's UFO newsfeed [9/7/22]

Indiana Triangle sighting (Triangles, like orbs, bore me):


Tucker Carlson's "obsession" (like I care): 


Diana Pusulka on UFO obsession (I don't give a fig about this either): 




  • Plenty of reasons to not give a fig about what's going on.

    I found one in the criticism by Jason Colavito (linked via The Anomalist) about the Elizondo article that centers around Elizondo pushing an agenda with his friends, who "look like lunatics and morons online." He objects to Elizondo's new study of UFOs based on what "he mistakes for science," which includes "Xenoscience, Exopolitics, Astrobiology, and Exotheology," and failing to consider "the observer of such objects, questions about the limits of human perception or psychological biases."

    So in one fell swoop, Colavito makes his point, then tarnishes it with his obvious bias against the whole subject.

    If ufology goes down, I hope it takes this kind of debunking with it. There's enough stupid stuff to go around, and reason to tune out on all of it.

    By Blogger Ron, at Wednesday, September 07, 2022  

  • We're finding a push-pull exuberance in all of the UFO community....based on frustration mostly I think.

    Old guys worried they will pass too soon to see the outcome they think is imminent.

    And no real young people with the background or zeal to avoid mistakes of the past. flailing around for excitement that isn't really there.

    It's mess, as usual.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Wednesday, September 07, 2022  

  • Rich .. I am convinced, like a small minority of Ufologists, that UFOs challenge our perception of the fabric of reality, and that the UFO phenomena are totally unrelated to flying saucers and space brothers. In this context, it is really hard that we will see some light soon..

    As a scientist, I dont know how to procede .. as you know the 3D ripetive behavioral models dont work ... For this reason I dedicated a couple of months translating in English Josè's latest book in the Mind of UFOs (He told me that he sent the translation to you). His views are "fresh air" .. demolishing the idea of statistical analyses on the CE3 data (which I was planning to do with CISU in Italy), but we are still far away from a concrete clue.

    Well .. I hope that better Ufological days will come one way or another. But it is a good thing that we have started rejecting the flying saucer-UFO status quo.


    By Blogger Stavrosh, at Thursday, September 08, 2022  

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