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Friday, September 09, 2022

Interdimensionality and that UFO Encounters book

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It seems my pal Tony Bragalia likes the idea of extra-dimensional UFOs and entities.
And I’m coming across more and more scientists (in several disciplines) also touting the many dimensions reality.
I like the idea also, as a conversation piece mostly. (The suggestion that reality is not what I may be experiencing is hard to take, even as a conjecture, but there it is …)
One of the people suggesting their best UFO story in that book I just got the other day – UFO Encounters by Jason Cleaves [Flying Disk Press, 2022] – is Brian Allan, Editor of Phenomena Magazine. He writes that “quantum physics” [sic] encourages the alternate dimension scenario for our reality. (Page 75)

I haven’t read his choice for the best UFO account, the book so sloppily put together:
Typos on pages 20, 21, 51, and 54 – these up to the point where I am, skimming much of the content up to page 75.
The proof-reading was surely poor and the justification of words and spaces is basic and lousy.
Moreover, author Gleaves inserts many fringe UFO people, some with obvious coherency problems, one being Donna Hare, an ex-NASA staffer who tells, in her “own words,” what she considers a good UFO account.
Her story was so convoluted and irrelevant that I’m surprised anyone – the author or editors – would insert the mish-mash in the book, Pages 52-59, mostly about the 2005 Hurricane Rita that hit Galveston, Texas.
Her protracted drama, fortunately, is followed by Malcolm Robinson’s favorite UFO account, the 1979 Dechmont Woods episode involving Robert Taylor – Malcolm’s book about it reviewed here extensively a while back.
And there are other excellent suggested UFO accounts by credible and a few well-known individuals --  Bruce Maccabee, Robbie Graham, Kathleen Marden,  Nigel Watson, Clas Svahn, et al.
But the bulk of persons dropping by with their “best UFO accounts” are little-known or unknown and goofy. (But I’m early in the book, so let me get through it for a better – or worse – view.)
(While I’m typing this, a video from “Unveiled” is playing on my TV’s YouTube channel, about why there have been no alien (extraterrestrial) visitors to Earth citing space travel is much more than civil engineering, fraught with difficulties that even an advanced outer space species would be hard-pressed to overcome.)
So, interdimensional insertions get a serious consideration by science and thinking persons. Yet, it is iffy for anyone with a sense of what normal reality must be.
Skip the Glease book, unless you have money and time to waste, and try to get your head around UFOs from another dimension.
Both need thoughtful consideration and a moment where your bias is set aside, something that UFO people find as difficult as Unveiled’s alien space travel.


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