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Friday, September 16, 2022

The deep pathology of ancient astronaut theorists

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The History Channel’s super CGI Friday series is inter- esting, until the participants become ensnared in their deep-rooted, self-induced pathology: obsessive belief in UFOs as extraterrestrial craft.
Friday’s [9/16] programming was deliciously filled with (idiotic) ruminations about Egyptian gods and a following program about the different kinds/shapes of UFOs allegedly seen over the years.
But the boys alter truths about those sightings with simply errant asides.
Forgetting the opening salvo about the 16th Century Nuremberg/ Basel Germany broadsheets indicating, wrongly, the idea that the pictures in those papers depicted UFO battles between alien visitors – the papers actually offering artistic depictions of the Reformist struggles between the Catholic Church and the newly created Protestant sect of Martin Luther – viewers were also slugged by AA regular Dave Childress reporting that Ken Arnold created the term “flying saucer” by saying, during an interview that what he saw “looked like a saucer.”
Everyone in ufology knows that Arnold, citing the motion of the crafts he saw in 1947 flew in a way that looked like a saucer being skipped on water – the comment being transfigured by a reporter who coined the term “flying saucer” in his newspaper account.
This is a typical example of how the AA theorists besmirch their ET suggestion for UFOs and other anomalies; they carve their ancient astronaut premise for UFOs in subtle ways, mostly by subverting the truth with almost tiny shifts in what they are talking about, shifts that color the narrative.

The process isn’t conjectural or speculative but suborned by the voice-over stating the AA boys are stating a truth with a resounding “yes.”
The problem lies in the pathological belief that extraterrestrial beings (aliens) are all over the place and have been since time immemorial: an astrophysical foolishness that indicates a warped mental malady.
Some of the AA copy in the History programming is at the edge of interesting possible UFO explanations but is undercut by the pathological need of the presenters, and they are, indeed, pathological. Not to understand that is the failure of the viewers' knowledge of mental waywardness, and procedures of logic and right-thinking.
Why the Ancient Astronaut disciples continue to exist, even with the patina of moronic thinking, resides in the calculating misconstructed presentations of thinking, supported by egregious tools of CGI showmanship.
The process is said by some to be sociopathic, but I see it as something pathological, more of a warped mentality than immoral behavior: these guys actually believe what they are saying.
That’s sad, but some viewers seeing their disjointed presentations as truths of a profound kind is even sadder.


  • It is human nature to want a slice of the cake, but WHO is interested in the recipe, that made it, in the first place, and get it right!?........?

    By Blogger Daniel, at Saturday, September 17, 2022  

  • Daniel:

    It was the divine intelligence, the omnipotent eternal creator, the God above god.

    It was not imagined ETs who, if a million years in advance of us, would have little concern for this pathetic planet with its pathetic species (us).


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Saturday, September 17, 2022  

  • -> It was the divine intelligence, the omnipotent eternal creator, the God above god.<-

    Yes...and we can agree, but the "ET/UFO/UAP" is something we don't understand, because of "UFO/UAP" not being identified for what it could be, or not be....For example;

    What does Unidentified exactly mean? That a Unidentified Flying Object being a (UFO) that is seen as a craft....Is it "OURs?" or "Theirs"(ETs?) ..

    OR an Unidentified Atmospheric Phenomenon (UAP) that is not recognized or identified for anything known to us, so therefore "UNIDENTIFIED" as such....The point being, NO ONE knows how to determine the definition of (Unidentified)....as YET:)..Does this make sense?.........?

    By Blogger Daniel, at Saturday, September 17, 2022  

  • There are a lot of folks out there now who believing in nonsense reporting...

    By Blogger Bryan Daum, at Saturday, September 17, 2022  

  • Maybe..Bryan, but is our God, a nonsense reporting as well? OR do we exercise in good faith?

    Rich says, our God is "Unknowable" Does this, make God "UNIDENTIFIED?" We still exercise in good faith, do we not!?..

    People want to believe in something, so exercise in good faith..

    What is the TRUTH though?....We may not be sure, with some doubt, BUT, some claim they do know..

    Soooo, we find ourselves on a merry-go-round, making sense to some, but not all..

    The world was once thought to be FLAT....NOW....We know, it IS ROUND, obviously!..

    My point; ...."It is BOTH!"..

    It depends on where one views it, in the concept of on earth, or out in space, but yes, it's round, obvious, NOW:) but in history, as it was seen then, NOT SO!..

    Nonsense reporting Bryan, may have more to do with; The "CONCEPT" of an individual:)..........?

    By Blogger Daniel, at Sunday, September 18, 2022  

  • Do I understand correctly that your psychological diagnosis of nuts-and-bolts ET Spaceship believers can be broken down to the following argument:

    1. The impossibility of faster-than-light travel is a scientific fact that will never be abrogated or circumvented by any future discoveries or paradigm-shifting technology

    2. The impossibility of such future discoveries or paradigm-shifting tech has been conclusively demonstrated. No theoretical ways of traversing distances that do not rely on “going faster” are conceivable. We in the 21st century have, in fact, an understanding of our universe so accurate and comprehensive that any suggestion otherwise cannot arise from a prudent consideration of similar certitudes expressed in previous generations (such as those who told the Wright brothers that physics had proven human flight was impossible), but can only arise from aberrant thought processes.

    3. Thinking outside the box formed by current scientific orthodoxies falls under the recognized symptoms of some pathological mental illness found the DSM, so that psychologists like yourself (or a psychiatrist? forgive me, I don’t know from which degree you derive your diagnostic expertise) can recognize it immediately.

    If I have understood you correctly, then every scientist who every made a breakthrough in the face of detractors who proclaimed he was attempting something scientifically impossible should have been locked up in a madhouse. Sheesh, I’m old enough to remember how we laughed in school at the idiots who thought an organism’s interactions with the environment could have an effect that could be passed to future generations.. ha ha ha, we all knew science had proven that genes didn’t work that way. It was impossible. Or how it was a medical fact — proven science — that stress caused ulcers. Bacteria? Nonsense.

    But that was like, forty years ago. It’s quite a relief that we truly have learned everything in these past 40 years and are all caught up on everything there is to know now.

    By Blogger Unknown, at Tuesday, September 20, 2022  

  • My position, Anon, is simply this....

    The Earth is too pathetic, in the context of the Cosmos (Galaxy even), to encourage the "unlimited" visitations by so many UFOs (or species) as reports indicate, and any species who are in advance of us, would find my argument sensible.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Tuesday, September 20, 2022  

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