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Sunday, September 04, 2022

UFO "landings" are peculiar and open to conjecture (but everyone can't be "mad" or lying)

From Preston Dennett (on Facebook)

While seeing a UFO is undeniably interesting, far more compelling are cases of UFO landings. In these cases, the extraterrestrial craft are observed from a short distance, virtually removing any chance of misperception. This video presents seven cases from across the United States involving dramatic UFO landings.

CASE ONE: UFO LANDING AT ELY. On June 25, 1964, two brothers were driving from Spring Valley to the town of Ely, Nevada. At some point during the trip, they came upon an object landed directly in the center of the road. George stopped the car and attempted to walk up to the object, causing a surprising reaction from the UFO occupants.

CASE TWO: THE UFO HOUSE. One evening in December 2012, an anonymous couple from Sierra Vista, Arizona stepped outside their home to do some stargazing. Looking at a fenced-in field next to their home, they were amazed to see what appeared to be a small strange-looking structure with only a few windows. It was odd because it hadn't been there earlier in the day. How had it appeared? Puzzled, they didn't think much of it until morning arrived, and they saw something they couldn't understand.

CASE THREE: LANDING IN LUKACHUKAI: One evening in mid-August 1982, three men were driving to the Lukachukai Rodeo in Arizona when they saw a start-like object swoop towards them from above. Later on during the drive, they saw that the object had apparently landed in a ravine alongside the road. They exited the car and observed the object. But as they drove to their location, they were soon to learn that they were not the only witnesses.

CASE FOUR: UFO LANDING IN THE SAN FERNANDO VALLEY. In mid-June of 1955, Ted Kittredge was drawn outside his home by the sound of his dogs barking. To his amazement, he saw that a gigantic gold-colored sphere had landed in his front yard. Even more incredible, standing next to it were three seven-foot-tall human-looking ETs who had a message they wanted to share. Todd was even more amazed when he learned that numerous other people in the area reported the same type of encounter.

CASE FIVE: THE OLD WISE ONES. Growing up on a 3000-acre ranch about fifty miles west of Colorado Springs, Colorado, Michael (pseudonym) experienced a series of UFO encounters, culminating in a UFO encounter during which he met a group of seven-foot-tall beings. Michael described them as "very gentle and loving" and says that they give him an important message and warning for all humanity.

CASE SIX: UFO LANDING AT LAS CRUCES. In the summer of 1952, Hilda McAfee and her mother were traveling along Highway 10 from Las Cruces to their home in Deming, New Mexico. Suddenly they saw a blinding blue light ahead of them in the road. Slowing down, they saw a large object landed in the road, and next to it stood two strange-looking humanoids. It was an encounter that would leave them both shaken, not only mentally, but physically.

CASE SEVEN: UFO LANDING IN CONKLIN. On July 16, 1964, Mrs. Travis was in her home in Conklin, New York, when her two sons, Edmund (age nine) and Randy (age seven), and their three friends announced that they had seen a spaceman, and needed to bring him a jar of water. When questioned about this, the children said a silvery object had landed in the field, and a short humanoid approached them. Questioned separately by the adults, the children stuck to their story.

These seven cases are just a few of the many, many UFO landing cases on record.



  • 1964 was quite a year! two cases listed here, plus Socorro on April 24, 1964, plus a really bizarre (as if that needs to be said) case the *same day* as Socorro in New York state. Interview with the guy is on YT. And what is the draw to New Mexico? Hope someday to stand at ground zero in Socorro. If it really happened as stated and does not involve ET (impossible in my mind) then it reveals and represents something so very fantastical.

    By Blogger jamesrav, at Monday, September 19, 2022  

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