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Thursday, December 01, 2022

UFOs, like God, are ineffable!

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The idea that someone knows what UFOs are goes back to the idea that the High Priests or shamans in ancient times had information that common humans didn’t have.
The Kabbalists thought they had an edge when it came to knowledge of their God and certain ritualistic groups (Theo- sophicalists, Illuminati, The Masonics, et cetera) also.
And there are many UFO enthusiasts who think they have the answer to what UFOs are:
Extraterrestrial visitors, Ancient Aliens come back to Earth, paranormal ephemera, secret aircraft of Earth militaries, Time Travelers, Holograms, and a few other odd things.
Just as God – the real God – is unknowable, UFOs remain Unknowable too, so far anyway.
If some government has discovered what UFOs are, like what the Vatican knows about the god of old and his alleged son, no one has or will tell the general population what the phenomenon represents or is.
As some UFO fair-weather enthusiasts often write, UFOs, or rather ufology, is a kind of religion, and it is for some curdle-headed UFO fanatics.
But for the rest of us, UFOs remain ineffable, unknowable, and we normalists will just have to wait for a divine or scientific epiphany.
There’s nothing else we can do.


  • Bravo! *stands and applauds* well said...maybe the military/surveillance/security state is slowly warming John Q. Public up to the notion that what is "out there" is not necessarily quirky little humanoid types of every description flying in from other galaxies on seemingly infinite variations of elusive little space ships. A case in point, perhaps: the recent distancing from "UFO" to the current fave of a descriptor "UAP." From "object" to "phenomenon," implying the less solid and more ephemeral, kinda like the way that Kentucky Fried Chicken slowly morphed into KFC in a sly attempt to neutralize the negative effects of the word "fried," maybe?

    By Blogger Zeke The Poltroon, at Thursday, December 01, 2022  

  • I don't think the government is priming us for, or signaling anything. The UAP rebranding was both a cover story as well as a lame attempt (which worked because they're up against lamer adversaries) to retcon the crazy factor they'd been pushing for years after the NYT article smacked them in their collective faces and forced them into an absolute minimum acknowledgment of the current situation.

    Whatever they know or don't know, they've recovered nicely from that bump in the road and dug-in their heels again.

    By Blogger Ron, at Thursday, December 01, 2022  

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