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Thursday, February 23, 2023

A Rosales FB post, typical of his vast listing of UFO encounter cases. (My thoughts about this below)

Humanoids, UFOs and other strange phenomena

Albert S Rosales

Location. Between Gassaway and Frametown, Braxton County, West Virginia

Date: September 13 1952 Time: 20:00

George and Edith Snitowski, of Queens, New York, had traveled by car to Cincinnati Ohio, to visit a relative. They were on their return trip, leisurely taking the secondary roads. Around 8 p.m. they entered Braxton County and traveled along what is now State Route 4. Between Gassaway and Frametown, their car died without warning. They could not restart the engine.

While George tried to figure out the problem, the air around them filled with a sickening smell that seemed like a combination of ether and burnt sulfur. At first George thought the car engine might be burning but that was not the source. The smell agitated their baby, who began crying. 

As darkness settled in, George was in a quandary. Frametown, the nearest town, was about twelve miles away, too far away for a practical walk. Besides, he was reluctant to leave his wife and infant alone in the car. Suddenly a blinding violet light shot out of the woods. George opened a widow [sic] and the interior of the car filled with a choking, nauseating mist. Despite the smell, he got out to investigate, retching violently.

About two hundred to three hundred yards away was a luminescent spheroid that looked like a giant frosted streetlamp. It floated in the air and moved back and forth. George walked closer, still sick. He began to feel hot, and then felt a sensation like low-grade electric shock course through his body. Now frightened, he turned to hurry back to the car, but his legs turned rubbery and he fell repeatedly. Then he heard Edith scream. It was a blood-curdling scream, like a “banshee”.

He lurched back to the car, where he saw a huge figure illuminated in the light from the spheroid. It was about eight to nine feet tall and shaped like a man but with a reptilian head. It had shoulders, a weirdly bloated bloody, and a lower torso that seemed to be a solid mass of some sort. 

George scrambled into the car and pushed his wife and child onto the floor. He grabbed a knife out of the glove compartment. The creature moved closer until it was directly in front of the car. It reached out a spindly arm that ended in a soft bisected fork of “fingers” and ran it across the windshield and hood, as though it was examining the car. Then it turned and glided into the woods, disappearing from sight. Within a few minutes a globe of light rose slowly above the trees and moved into the sky, suddenly shooting away in a trail of brilliant light.

Badly shaken, George tried the ignition again, and this time the car started without a problem. They drove until they reached a truck stop diner, probably near Sutton, and went inside to compose themselves. They resolved not to talk about what happened. They then found a hotel and spent the night. The next morning, George found a forked discoloration on the hood of his car where the entity had touched it. The metal looked like it had been singed.

Humcat 1952-17

Source: Paul Lieb, Jacques Vallee & Mark Hall Type: C


The above "incident" is a case study -- limited as it is -- that I had hoped to make part of an analytic study, which might provide a clue or clues to what UFOs may be or their source.

I don't think it does that. interesting as it is.

I've highlighted some of the salient elements that are truly intriguing, but after they are considered, what do we have in the way of a UFO explanation?

The details are fascinating and unique but take us nowhere. Even an evaluation centered on a psychologic explanation is useless. There is no beforehand or aftermath information telling us the fallout for the witnesses, and even a finding of subsequent information takes us nowhere pertinent to a UFO explanation.

Struggling with the vast reservoir of such material that we've already collected informs me that my guys should cease working on the project that I envisioned: a set of data fractions which might give us, at least, a pastiche of material (some would say data; I would not) providing or informing us something worthwhile, about the essence of UFOs. It doesn't.

In the context of where the topic of UFOs is now and where it's headed, I don't see any intrinsic value in pursuing a litany of like elements in UFO reports.

The UFO crowd -- among serious investigators and those using the phenomenon for attention and some ephemeral fame (I'll name them in an upcoming posting here, as they sicken me greatly and I need the catharsis a shaming of them will provide) -- is in a cross current of ego mania and bullshit.

 Meanwhile I'll pile up intriguing UFO asides to titillate as some of us await a cleansing of the mad community now holding the attention of media, news and social.



  • This came a day after the Flatwoods Monster sighting, near the same area, with another set of witnesses, giving detailed testimony to a similar encounter. Yet, nothing making sense. Cases like this, it's good being a skeptic since it's easier calling hoax than staring into an abyss.

    By Blogger Ron, at Thursday, February 23, 2023  

  • For me, the story reeks of credibility. I'd hope that the original source of the "tale" -- ostensibly Vallee among them -- didn't rework or embellish the original account.

    But it's a juicy account more than a source that clarifies the phenomenon.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Thursday, February 23, 2023  

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