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Saturday, February 25, 2023

A video about interstellar visitors


Another interstellar visitor -- like the oumuamua "thing" that was a hot topic a short while ago -- makes a few possible speculations advisable:

If such comet/asteroid insertions are actually vehicles carousing the universe looking for life or are a kind of spacecraft housing an alien species, why are they so fundamentally unaesthetic?

The objects are crude, without defined form or aerodynamic beauty.

This indicates a species without aesthetic appreciation or a species so devious that it designs its "spycraft" to look like natural formations of a common kind, found all around solar systems, including our own.

I agree with Avi Loeb that the oumuamua visitor plunged through our solar system in a way that bespoke intention.

The new "object" discussed in this video may be seen likewise.



  • I wouldn't ascribe intention to these things. Unless it turns out they're the forerunners of an invasion fleet.

    Now that we've turned our attention to such things, we'll be seeing more of them; they've likely been around for a long time. Loeb has talked about this before.

    Earth isn't such a lonely outpost after all.

    By Blogger Ron, at Saturday, February 25, 2023  

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