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Sunday, February 26, 2023

My dear pal Albert Rosales posted this on FB, 2/26. Such accounts are fascinating, but don't take us to the source or meaning of UFOs

 Humanoids, UFOs and other strange phenomena

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Location: Lago Carite, Guayama, Puerto Rico
Date: 1987 Time: night
Mr. Roberto Martin San Miguel was out fishing on a boat with a friend in the lagoon when they began to hear noises coming from weeds among the shore. Looking in the direction of the noise they saw a number of small figures that appeared to be parting the reeds to look at the witnesses. The figures were no more than 3-ft tall. Their heads were a little larger than humans and bald. Roberto and his friend also noticed some kind of protuberances coming out of the creature’s head but could not see it clearly. They had large cat-like eyes and small thin necks. The creatures also had exceedingly small noses (only small holes) and large wide mouths that seemed to open and close continuously while they stared at the witnesses, “just like fish out of the water”. Inside their mouths they had two rows of sharpened teeth.
They seemed to have very thin arms and hands which they were using to part the reeds. But details were difficult to see. The witnesses thought that the creatures were not wearing any clothing and their skin color was either gray or greenish. Intrigued, the witnesses and the creatures stared at each other for some time. The moment one of the men shone a flashlight at the figures they immediately hid. When they shut the light off the creatures returned. At no time did the creatures attempted to approach the boat and at no time did the witnesses felt any fear, just curiosity. One of the men was armed with a gun but he never thought of taken it out. Roberto has had other experiences in the area and others have reported low flying UFOs and strange lights, also in the same area.
HC addendum
Source: Jorge Martin Miranda, 2017
Drawing is Copyright by Jorge Martin Miranda



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