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Friday, February 24, 2023

UFOs and U.S. Nukes

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The two Google Alerts about UFOs and nuclear warheads (linked in the posting before this one) goes to the heart of a matter, one of them, about the enigmatic phenomenon.
Robert Hastings and our pal Tim Hebert are experts about UFO apparent interruptions with nuclear facilities and missiles/warheads that adorn the U.S. protective agencies in case of a nuclear attack by this country’s enemies (China, Russia, and North Korea mainly).
What does this tell us about UFOs?
They are protective preventers of a possible nuclear war and what that portends for Earth’s humanity and planet?
Commoners in the UFO community have often insisted that UFOs (and some imagined UFO entities) were spooked by atomic testings in the 1940s and scooted to Earth to see what was going on.
Even though an atomic blast would not register in interstellar space, except with a super sensitive technology gauged for such testings – a possibility but not a probability as an atomic fissionable explosion is a minor event within the context of space happenings.
Now, if UFOs are from our future that might explain the attention that nuclear weapons would get from visitors.
Or if UFOs are crypto-terrestrial vehicles from somewhere on (or in) Earth – as Mac Tonnies suggested in his literary output – one could understand the UFO attentiveness.
But if, as most readers here believe, UFOs are alien spaceships, what would their concern be, since the objects’ scrutiny over millennia has been accompanied by a hands-off policy, some dolts using the fictional Star Trek storyline about the “Prime Directive” to explain such a lackadaisical behavior.
Is it possible, as I’ve often suggested, that the mechanism(s) of moving UFOs around merely [sic] interfere with the technology involved with nuclear weaponry?
Or are UFOs AI components trying to connect with Earth's fellow AI mechanisms “they” see as brothers or sisters?
The matter is open to conjecture, despite the insistence that many nuclear aficionados believe is the reason for UFO attention to our nuclear weaponry: a signal of pending preventative measures if we ever decide to use them in warfare.
What’s your take, my silent (thoughtful?) readers?


  • My take is that id someone decides to press the button, space aliens aren’t going to save us.


    By Blogger Paul Andrew Kimball, at Friday, February 24, 2023  

  • Whatever they are, their actions, from a human perspective, speak more toward curiosity and/or self-preservation. There's no evidence of altruism, which again, is a human condition.

    By Blogger Ron, at Friday, February 24, 2023  

  • A real puzzle. We know that these incursions are happening but what it all means is a true mystery. I'm on record here as holding that these are probably AI observations of the earth's most deadly weapons. But the repitition of these fly-overs over very long periods of time...what sense does that make? Let Avi figure it all out.

    By Blogger Dominick, at Friday, February 24, 2023  

  • I pretty much agree with you Tom...

    But assuming a common, mundane reality, an atomic test in Nevada would not even be detectable on our Moon....unless someone, somewhere has technology a lot more advanced than we can guess and they are employing it to check out this planet seriously in lieu of checking out other places in stellar space that could be much more interesting (or dangerous).


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Friday, February 24, 2023  

  • Hi RR, thanks for taking the time to reply. I guess I am referring to something like non-locality. Something physicists are currently investigating and perplexed by. If the universe is truly non-local what does interstellar distance matter? A nuclear explosion would - in a deeper reality - actually be happening everywhere all at once. My typing of these words too! Admittedly strange, even highly strange - but it would mitigate your critique of the ET hypothesis. That is what I wanted to suggest. Regards, Tom.

    By Blogger Tom Livesey, at Sunday, February 26, 2023  

  • Noting the hypothetical suggestions lately (by physicists of course) -- the Earth is an atom, the Universe is too! the Big Bang was a transition of one aeon to another, etc., etc. -- leaves open all kinds of possibilities to conjure with, Thomas.

    As a sponsor of The Einstein Fellowship, I have to deplore the idea of "spooky action at a distance" but it appears to be actual, which opens the door to all kinds of novel and truly odd things, making "reality" something so bizarre that Plato is spinning in his ancient grave.

    I have a slew of troublesome propositions at hand, to present here upcoming. so stand by to help explore them.

    You seem able to cope with the current cycle of crazy thinking by science of many kinds.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Sunday, February 26, 2023  

  • Thanks Rich, I think I get you ;) Crazy conjurings are something to look forward to.

    By Blogger Tom Livesey, at Sunday, February 26, 2023  

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