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Sunday, April 30, 2023

New York POST (via Google 4/30 UFO Alert link) proffers the End of Ufology



  • Another Mick West whitewash, couched in reasonable terms the general public would never think to question. How guys like Greenewald and others in the UFO community let him skate is beyond me.

    He's the NYP rag sheet and the government's best friend.

    By Blogger Ron, at Sunday, April 30, 2023  

  • Could have been written by Phil Klass. So-called skeptics have not learned a thing over the past decades. Or, perhaps, learning is blocked because they are on someone's payroll. When you read trash like this you just have to wonder...

    By Blogger Dominick, at Sunday, April 30, 2023  

  • Curt Collins on Facebook calls out West's article, says it contains "oversimplifications, generalizations, and at least one error." Well, there's that.

    By Blogger Ron, at Sunday, April 30, 2023  

  • After finishing the article I was laughing to myself over how Mick West manages to be such a consummate "midwit." But I also feel vindicated about my stance from the outset on the phony disclosure-hyping operation that's been running since 2017--that is was never anything more than a disinformation campaign and there was never any intent to provide legitimate UFO cases or data.

    We see the same thing again and again: the believer-debunker dialectic functions perfectly to keep the public at large in the dark. First the masses are baited into the hope of some grand ufological revelation through the antics of clowns such as Elizondo, Lacatski, Knapp, Taylor et al. Then the hopes are crushed when professional debunkers--people who mysteriously lack any sort of relevant knowledge or qualifications (or any discernible talent) yet are consistently held up as all-knowing "experts" in the media anyway--show up to obliterate the low-quality disinformation UFO cases and surrounding grotesquely bizarre claims that the believers lobbed them for an easy homerun. I'm thinking here of James Randi, Mick West, Kendrick Frazier et al.--they might as well all be the same person.

    Perhaps it makes me seem to be a conspiratorial crank--but I believe the debunker and believer fanatics are both on the government "payrolls" to which Dominick alludes. Randi may have been the most prominent debunker of them all and it's certainly intriguing that he had a number of suspicious ties to spooks through the MacArthur Foundation (from which he received a considerable grant) and James Randi Educational Foundation director Rick Adams. The sparse relevant biographical information on West--he allegedly decided to spend his life debunking wrongthink for no clear reason after selling a video game company--makes me raise my eyebrows. These odd biographical gaps are common with spooks. Elizondo et al. all have clear government ties so it's little wonder how they could be disinfo agents.

    In the case of West's article he puts all attention on the recent (2017-present) UFO circus act and conveniently neglects the indisputable evidence that the government is sitting on an enormous cache of *highly* classified UFO data. This he treats as a mere possibility to scoff at--"obviously this is just the desperate UFO fanatics trying to avoid falsification!" Unfortunately for him it's not a "possibility" but a documented fact--anyone has been able to easily learn about this ever since Fawcett and Greenwood's *Clear Intent* appeared in 1984. There's a reason as able a researcher as Paul Dean wrote the following in response to the extreme ufological skepticism of VJ Ballester Olmos:

    >V-J almost implies that further records, and the existing ones we have, are more than enough to form an accurate appraisal of what’s actually going on. I don’t have time to put together a proper list of what we KNOW exists in vaulted archives, much of it classified either SECRET or TOP SECRET, and with little chance that it can be released. Whatever the situation exactly, the number of classified records the US government maintains on this topic numbers in the 100,000s of pages. The reason for this, no doubt, is not to cover-up “aliens”, but the material is classified and vitally important nonetheless. Unbelievable.

    The real evidence is never given much or any attention by debunkers or nutjob "believers"/probable disinfo agents. Paul Dean offered up potentially the *biggest* discovery in ufological history in 2016 and STILL almost no one knows about it. He himself was only able to find it through painstaking sifting of government records--stuff unsurprisingly disclosed to no fanfare as it couldn't be assimilated to the "absurd ufological claim--rapid debunking" process:



    By Blogger Martin Black, at Sunday, April 30, 2023  

  • The Pentagon office, one of them at any rate, that's responsible for the stonewalling and foot-dragging when it comes to UFOs, is the office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence and Security (OUSD(I&S). This according to a recent "The Debrief" article by Tim McMillan.

    Of course the roots of the coverup have to run deeper, and marching orders have to come from higher-up, yet no one in the media or ufology seems to have an interest in investigating further. I'd assume that's dangerous territory, but it is ironic when you consider after all the hand-wringing over and effort to discover the truth, that those with the answers are left alone.

    By Blogger Ron, at Monday, May 01, 2023  

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