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Sunday, April 30, 2023

UFO debris: a reality or a chimera?

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Our guy Martin Black and me too, along with a few others, find the idea of UFO debris from crashes or accidents hard to take.
That the various militaries may have “downed” a saucer or UFO sometime in the past is not unacceptable to me.
But the idea that UFOs have been crashing all over the place seems ludicrous, especially if one accepts the idea that UFOs are the products of an advanced alien (extraterrestrial) species from someplace off Earth.
However, my Academic.edu pals and some papers from various professionals indicate that radar scrutiny can disrupt mechanisms and technologies, one paper highlighting how radar caused auto- mobile stoppages – this in case something is using radar in the vicinity of cars or trucks.
Then there are disruptions of mechanical artifacts by other techni- cal intrusions: microwave devices, insertive technology used to determine various measurements, et cetera.

And the question of weather – a thunderstorm or tornado or lightning not known to visitors – causing an accident, but a UFO traversing the cosmos would experience worse I’d think.
There may be debris, or maybe not. But there’s a lot of discussion about it, in and out of official circles.


  • Lights in the night sky, other reports of auto stoppage, reports of past downed UFOs...

    All these unproved reports pale in comparison the current contact reports by Navy/military aircraft where at at least point UFOs where they were seen daily.

    -But even there we only get the same/repetitive cockpit radar targeting images. Why? Where's the real images -and why not? There are reports of observations where UFOs are encountered commonly? My favorite the "cube within a sphere" - but no photos?

    I hope it's not just to make the little people dance.


    By Blogger Bryan Daum, at Sunday, April 30, 2023  

  • RR:

    Good post. Given the historical precedent of outrageous fraud I dismiss all crashed saucer claims out of hand. I'm a bit more open to--but still very cautious about--the possibility of UFOs sometimes leaving debris behind (resulting from "ejections" or what have you). Truly astounding evidence would need to come forward for me to rethink my total rejection of the crashed saucer possibility.


    By Blogger Martin Black, at Sunday, April 30, 2023  

  • If there are "crashes", the phenomenon is tangible. The decision tree is then accident or intentional? Let's say intentional. Vallee says "gift". Then is to help us or mislead us? Trojan horse I suppose would be to mislead. I'm not sure what the next choice is in the tree. Regardless, it is a form of contact and in some sense a "control system" .

    By Blogger Cwc, at Monday, May 01, 2023  

  • Thank you Cwc...

    Your comment provokes a posting from me -- and your comment is what I'd like to see from others who stop by here -- some real thought, not just pithy bon mots.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Monday, May 01, 2023  

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