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Wednesday, May 03, 2023

That Peru Motorcyclist news story about a UFO captured on a smartphone

Ron mentioned, in a comment here, the Anomalist link to a story about a group of motorcyclists, on a run, who captured, inadver- tently, a UFO in the background of a photo.

Dominick, who, like me, is fascinated by UFO photos -- good ones in his case -- so here's the Anomalist link of the news account with the photo:




  • Thanks for the posting. Does not look like a plane or balloon but who knows. Need a serious blow-up which we don't get here. Don't speak the language so I don't know what the commentary explains. I assume the bikers did not hear a plane or see anything in the sky after picture was taken. My general assumption is that UFOs caught inadvertently in photos are way more "respectable" than most UFO photographs. Reminds me of that bright clear UFO photographed near a mountain range out West some where decades ago (can't remember the details). It showed up in photo only after film was developed. Very credible.

    By Blogger Dominick, at Wednesday, May 03, 2023  

  • There was, for a long time, Dom, as you know, a film of a "UFO" moving through the sky and looking like the idea of a UFO we all came to imagine.

    A blow-up and clarification of that image showed it was just an airplane, configured like a UFO because of the day lighting -- sun and shadows formed on the plane.

    So, an enlargement of this oddity would be helpful -- and I think there has to be some kind of computer program, in 2023, that could do the job.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Wednesday, May 03, 2023  

  • You guys are probably thinking of the video clip from Catalina Island. I first saw it years ago on Leonard Nimoys' old show "In Search Of . . ."

    As long as none of the usual suspects are doing the analysis of this new photo, I'd be curious as well what it may show.

    By Blogger Ron, at Wednesday, May 03, 2023  

  • That's the one, Ron...

    I was the perfect image of what a UFO would look like or be... But then the analysis, primitive but conclusive. Damn.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Wednesday, May 03, 2023  

  • No, fellas, NOT Catalina Island. I was thinking of the Vancouver Island photo of 1981. One of the best, ever. A mountain, a clear blue sky, and this structured disc that was inadvertently photographed in the upper right hand corner. Richard Haines does a thorough analysis of the photo in Peter Sturrock's "The UFO Enigma" (1999). He even visited the site and talked to the photographer. Conclusion: "The disc's identity has not been established...."

    By Blogger Dominick, at Wednesday, May 03, 2023  

  • I guess I'll play spoilsport again. That looks like a bird or insect to me. It's out of focus & blurred because it's in motion. I've actually taken a few photos that show birds & insects in flight looking very similar to this.

    By Blogger jlmet, at Thursday, May 04, 2023  

  • This why Dominick and a few of us ask for analysis of such photos -- enlargements and other analyses.

    Birds, airplanes -- as in the Catalina Island photo -- and insects, plus other little obtuse objects will often photograph as a "UFO" -- as you know jlmet.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Friday, May 05, 2023  

  • Jlmet, you have a perfect right to be skeptical but reserve judgment until you read the Richard Haines analysis. Probably not a bird...

    By Blogger Dominick, at Friday, May 05, 2023  

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