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Tuesday, May 02, 2023

The face of Ufology, UFO clutter, and the end of Twitter and Facebook

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The picture is Gary Anderson, a long-time radio host now broad- casting UFO [UAP] twaddle.
Gary – a nice guy I assume – is still making his mark, as he’s on the fringe, if that, of the UFO community which, itself, is at the fringe of society, even now, when UFOs or its emasculating initia- lism UAP remain at the edge or fringe of society’s concerns and interest.
But his face, with that beard, is an archetype of what many UFO researchers and attempted influencers use to attempt a façade of scholarship or wisdom.
It doesn’t work, The image comes across as a tired cow-poke trying to fit into polite society just after they came in from the range – grubby, ill-kempt and hoary.
Gary is my example of a UFO geezer. (Forgive me Gary. I don’t know you or really want to. I seek flowers that are ready to bloom, not wilted blossoms having had their day in the sun.)
This takes me to my search for new UFO information each day – for my personal interest and this blog.
It’s tough to find – new, worthwhile UFO information. The internet, bookshelves, and particularly social media are replete with ragged, long-lived UFO sightings and debates.
The topic is musty. Avi Loeb gave it some resuscitation as has Luis Elizondo, but Luis is becoming old-hat, his cachet worn out by his own saturation within the UFO community and its varied environs.
The photos, the reports, the so-called abductions are mildewed by the continuing repeat and display of them put forth by UFO newbies and long-timers too, because of the dearth of any worthwhile events like Ken Arnold’s sighting or the Socorro episode or even something as dull as the Phoenix Lights or the thing over O’Hare Airport.
Today, within the phenomenon, there is no there there.
New stuff is hard to come by or doesn’t exist.
Finally, the demise of Twitter and Facebook or Reddit, is antici- patory for cognoscenti.
Mastadon and other new internet social hangouts are where the UFO matter is taking place, even in its wilted configuration.
UFO newbies (and some refreshed UFO old-timers, ahem) are freshened by the civility and new-think that the new social media sites bring to the UFO table.
Yes, some slogged UFO detritus is evident but often with a fresh face, not the haggard visage of Gary Anderson look-alikes or the weary repetitive material provided by geezers using the Facebook or Twitter platforms to regurgitate moldering UFO (flying saucer) accounts clinging to their memories and long-ago compassion.
It’s a new world out there, one with a breath of fresh air, stupid in its infancy but like baby powder, fresh to the olifactories.


  • You do realize that Marcus Aurelius had a beard? Sophistication and wisdom personified. Ditto Antoninus Pius.

    Caligula? No beard.

    I rest my case.

    As for Anderson, I tried listening to an episode, and couldn't get past the ads, the "mainstream radio" style, and assorted other turn-offs.

    The beard isn't the issue.

    By Blogger Paul Andrew Kimball, at Tuesday, May 02, 2023  

  • Since you have some fuzz, I understand.

    My point is that geezers use the beard as a symbol of Aurelius-like wisdom, which they don't have.

    My guy, Freud, had a beard... So I'm not against beards, just the use of them to indicate something that isn't.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Tuesday, May 02, 2023  

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