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Thursday, May 04, 2023

The Vallee Trinity book -- a hook, line, and sinker of a hoax....

Bill Murphy provided this Anomalist link (5/3):


It's a thoroughly commendable exposé by Douglas Dean Johnson of what he calls, in several articles, the Trinity hoax, referencing the recent past book by Jacques Vallee and Paola Harris.

The extensive research by Johnson, in outing the hoax, is an example of investigative journalism, a rare thing nowadays and certainly an absent fixture in UFO circles pretty much.

This puts mud on the face of monsieur Vallee, sadly, but there it is...



  • Wow. How embarrasing. Several of us here felt this way when the book came out but this extensive review confirms our first impressions and is just devastating. Vallee may never recover from this. The real question is: why in the world (was it financial?) would one of the most esteemed UFO researchers in the world get suckered into this?

    By Blogger Dominick, at Thursday, May 04, 2023  

  • It's more sad than pathetic.

    There is some old native American lore, as I noted earlier, that supports the idea of a visitation, but that may have been the spur that got the hoaxers going.

    It will be interesting to see how Vallee reacts to the matter.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Thursday, May 04, 2023  

  • "Why in the world (was it financial?) would one of the most esteemed UFO researchers in the world get suckered into this?"

    Financial? No. I think Vallee was and is in good shape. A book like this won't make anyone rich. Besides, when you reach a certain age you stop chasing the buck, as long as you have a roof overhead and food on the table.

    When I finished reading the book, one phrase resounded in my head: Cherchez la femme.

    By Blogger Joseph Cannon, at Saturday, May 06, 2023  

  • Well, when the book came out most of us (from the CISU group in Italy) were kind of shocked with how fragile the memory-retrieval hypothesis was and how Paola Harris convinced Jacques with her background research on the topic. The fact that the artifact from the object was manufactured according to metric measurements was a cry-out loud that the story could not stand as it was narrated. Jacques of course has chosen a a rather convoluted structure to explain the artifact's origin.

    In some Facebook exchange I had with Doug Johnson he mentioned Jacques's response to his emails (that is the research is still going etc ...)

    I still cannot believe that both Jacques and Paola were simply tricked ...

    Warm Regards to all


    By Blogger Stavrosh, at Saturday, May 06, 2023  

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