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Saturday, May 06, 2023

This commentary by Bill Pullin on FB 5/5 is right on point!!

Greetings. Where Have The Landings Gone? UFO cases continue to be reported all around the planet, and will likely maintain that pace for the foreseeable future. Crash retrievals are alleged, but not confirmed. Nocturnal lights are very common. Abductions are still reported. Daylight disks are seen, although not in the numbers as in decades past.... What has changed substantially is the reporting of landings. Whilst the modern history of unidentified flying objects features several interesting and unexplained landing cases, we simply don't see the same kinds of events being reported very often nowadays, if at all. We have the Socorro, New Mexico landing case from April 24th of 1964, the Lonnie Zamora case. The Westall landing event from Melbourne, Australia that happened on the 6th of April, in 1966. The Trans-en-Provence landing event from January 8th of 1981, which occurred in France. Finally we have the Ruwa, Zimbabwe landing event, better known as the Ariel School UFO Incident, which occurred on the 6th of September in 1994.... Many other landing cases are on the books, but their prevalence has waned to a great extent, so that nowadays we really don't hear about any landings at all. Why? Have "they" discontinued planetary explorations? Are witnesses simply dropping the ball and not reporting such events? Perhaps our potential visitors have concluded their scientific activities, and have moved on to other endeavors. Are there other, far less obvious reasons for the current situation? I have no idea, and I won't make an unsubstantiated declaration about the possibilities, I'll leave that to the experts/celebrities in the UFO field, but it certainly is a fascinating question to take under consideration. Thank you for your time and for the privilege of your support. https://www.facebook.com/uforealahistoricalreview


  • The whole UFO story has been consistently off-kilter. What would be weirder is if any event made any sense at all.

    Here's another such happening, a video new to me. Somebody should explain it. Go to 38 seconds into the video, it doesn't last long:


    By Blogger Ron, at Saturday, May 06, 2023  

  • Ron....

    Am I missing something? I know you like this guy -- I do too, except for his talking fish.

    That UFO over the Dome of the Mount has to do with the absence of recent UFO landings how?


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Saturday, May 06, 2023  

  • Rich, I might have veered off a bit from landings, yes. Sorry.

    Landing reports, experienced by few and none of them amounting to anything tangible, have decreased. But appearances over major cities, witnessed by more people, have risen, or so it seems.

    I was trying to compare and maybe connect events that made no sense, and my post turned into one of them.

    By Blogger Ron, at Saturday, May 06, 2023  

  • Yah, I guessed you were exampling the mixture of things that are not adding up.

    And it's overwhelming.

    But Pullin pointing out that "landings" have become sparse or absent -- except for Rosales' list of encounters -- another matter altogether -- is interesting.

    Noting UFO "hot spots" -- a stupid endeavor for many reasons -- have replaced landings as a news item or UFO concern. Why?

    Have UFOs refused to come into contact with humans or have the "tales" of abduction replaced those old prosaic set-downs that ETs once engaged in -- to collect flowers or vegetables, sometimes cows?


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Sunday, May 07, 2023  

  • It's evolving, without obvious purpose. But it seems to understand we know it's here.

    By Blogger Ron, at Sunday, May 07, 2023  

  • Just learned last night that the original Air Force/Blue Book diagram of the landing site did make reference to "two sets of small footprints." In the Fox documentary "The Phenomenon" the footprints are marked and a quater coin is place next to them. They are VERY small.

    By Blogger Dominick, at Monday, May 08, 2023  

  • Footnote to previous post. I was referring to the Socorro landing, of course. Sorry about that.

    By Blogger Dominick, at Monday, May 08, 2023  

  • You mean Socorro, right Dom,?

    That relatively quiet note made me reconsider the "landing."


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Monday, May 08, 2023  

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