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Monday, May 01, 2023

UFOs as a “Control System”?

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Our visitor, Cwc, along with a lot of Vallee followers ac- cept Frère Jacques’ idea that UFOs do things to instill a “control system” on humans (maybe on all Earth’s species).
What exactly is a “control system” and what is it trying to control?
The suggestion is, I assume, that other entities – ETs, angels, demons, just “others” – are establishing a condition that eventually controls, psychologically (and physically?), human beings. And to some end, not clarified by the great Vallee – whom I like actually.
An excerpt about Vallee’s ideas are located here:
https://www.amazon.com/review/RFNBIBM3JEA51 says this (from the Internet)…
"In evaluating Vallee's control system hypothesis, the obvious questions are: who or what is in charge and managing it? If something non-human, then what? Where is the real evidence for this idea, other than that some of Vallee's carefully selected cases can be made (with difficulty) to force-fit the theory? Most people care little about UFOs and have no interest in the subject, so how does this theory stand up? If some kind of inter-dimensional control system it seems pointless, futile, a failure. The reader should make up his own mind, and follow through the arguments expanded in Vallee's subsequent works `Messengers of Deception' (1979) and the `Dimensions' trilogy (1988-91)."
It seems the “effort” of control has been going on for a long time, as UFOs have been around for a long time.
The modern appearances and “control system” appear to be overtly dismal, but one can make a case that UFOs have come to mean what the UFO creators want it to mean, which is nonsense in real terms.
The idea of a working, operational “control system” is a hypo- thetical farce, an intellectual joke that can be discarded, as it really doesn’t take us to what the phenomenon is and the reason for the phenomenon – to “control” humanity is laughable.
Vallee is brilliant and his speculations are also, but this one is without merit or sense.
It’s like the idea of Marxism – a philosophical attempt to integrate socialistic (communistic) practices within society. Marx having purpose that came to fruition in Russia.
Vallee’s idea is sitting there, unfulfilled and stifled by the inordinate lifestyles and ignorances endemic to human society, since the institution of consciousness that Julian Jaynes says popped up in primitive man -- The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind.



  • RR:

    If the "point" of the phenomenon is to control human culture the fact of its seeming marginality and ineffectiveness could be a clue to its nature. How can something that presents itself as a magical--even borderline omnipotent--technological power be so limited in its ability to interface with us? Apart from inspiring the odd UFO cult here and there little seems to have been accomplished. What is it that constrains the operation of the UFOs?


    By Blogger Martin Black, at Monday, May 01, 2023  

  • Is it constrained l, Martin, or impotent?

    Or not even concerned?


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Monday, May 01, 2023  

  • People usually take Vallee to be discussing us as being controlled by the phenomenon to change us. If we understand Vallee to be drawing the term Control System from Cybernetics, which seems reasonable to me as he describes himself as an information scientist, the discussion gets more subtle. Particularly in terms of second order cybernetics. Basically, if we are inside the inner loop(s) of the system(s), it may be very difficult to discuss "purpose" in a way that would be meaningful to us. I would hazard a guess that what we observe as the phenomenon may be an artifact of an observation process and so have little meaning in our world. Caravaca's ideas seem consistent with this. The distortion of a person's perception may be an artifact of being observed which provokes content from their mind alone. So there may be no "purpose" at all - at least for us. It's so human to think its about us! Perhaps we are creating what amounts to cargo cults out the reports and photos or even crashes... As best I recall, Vallee never says “this is the purpose”, he only explores many paths and where they lead, sharing his process. That’s fun for me at least. I do recall he says he wants to get back up in the room where the “projection” is coming from.

    By Blogger Cwc, at Monday, May 01, 2023  

  • This, Cwc, the "control" is an abstract, for a purpose, if there is one, that goes to something that doesn't affect humans, directly.

    It's a kind of silly concept of a philosophical kind.... one so esoteric in meaning, for us, that to dignify it with debate is irrational.

    It's almost theological, and metaphysical.

    It forces us to bypass what the ultimate purpose of the phenomenon may be.

    Normally that would cause caution or wariness, but the UFO enigma is so long in the tooth, what does it matter?


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Monday, May 01, 2023  

  • A more likely scenario is that Vallee works with other CIA plants to control the UFO narrative, and to hide secret mundane technology from the public. Vallee's friendships with Harold Puthoff and Kit Green are ample evidence of his own secret role in intelligence. His ideas on UFOs purposely moved away from any real understanding of the phenomenon, and forever muddied the waters of UFO research.

    By Blogger The Palmer, at Thursday, November 30, 2023  

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