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Thursday, August 31, 2023

Billy Cox: on point about no one giving a damn about non-humans etc.



  • The article quotes a South African university professor:
    "The extraterrestrial hypothesis is definitely one of the explanatory factors of what we are witnessing today. But what if it’s not that simple? What if we have somehow been isolated from an aspect of our own past, or lost our sense of connection with some form of NHI at the core of our existence?"

    Instead of ET, the professor suggests going light on the "Fortress Earth angle. The subject becomes less fearful that we are dealing with some kind of an invasion if instead the emphasis involves a possible rekindling of an historic relationship, making it less of a threat to us.”

    That sounds like a re-examination of the cryptoterrestrial or "super-human" angle. Maybe not a bad idea.

    By Blogger Ron, at Thursday, August 31, 2023  

  • I'll be touching on this shortly.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Thursday, August 31, 2023  

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