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Monday, August 14, 2023

How did the Earth become such a center of attention?

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For we humans, this planet is a must of course, but how has the Earth become such a must-see, must visited, must source of attention, allegedly for Extraterrestrials, or InterDimensional beings, or even the creator of all reality, the Universe, and existence itself?
What’s here that supposedly drives entities to visit in superflush numbers?
And why do we humans think a super-entity – a divine presence – is paying attention to the pleas and outcries of human beings?
This pipsqueak planet, in context, with all the rest of the Cosmos, the Universe in its totality, seen and not, is meaningless, unless we are as Fermi intuited, the only sentient creation in all of it.
That we alone are the only creatures with meaning or thought seems ludicrous, but there it is …
Visitors, via UFOs, deny the idea that we are alone, so what makes us the center of attention?
No, it’s not nuclear weaponry. Visitors, even as close to us as the moon, could barely, if at all, detect atomic nuclear detonation.
Even God would be hard-pressed to get a hint.
It’s not the culture or lives of the planet, flora or fauna, and animals don’t seem to count, not even to humans.
So what is it?
Why are we being paid attention to? Or are we?
Have we, ourselves, created by projection – as Jung suggested – a reality that has taken form?
The idea that we are a simulation – a fixture of a Matrix – makes little sense; the comings and goings of the game – our history – indicate the creation of a psychopath, not an ingenious “gamer” with time on its hands, creating a viable reality, for enjoyment or some other obscure reason.
So, what’s the purpose of the seeming attention by vast amounts of ETs or parallel universe intruders?

Nothing makes sense and never has.
The idea that the “truth is out there” is the babbling of some Earthers who are nuttier than whomever is responsible for this planet and our apparent reality.
Jung hinted at an insanity on our part. He was really on to something….

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  • They’re here for the lobster.

    By Blogger Paul Andrew Kimball, at Monday, August 14, 2023  

  • WELL, Rich, you've finally seen the light!

    By Blogger Unknown, at Thursday, August 17, 2023  

  • If the universe was created from nothing, as seems accepted then however it happened would have had zero reference points. I think it turned out pretty well. Try to imagine something truly novel. Say purple two headed cow. Still just a mix of familiar things. Starting from nothing is daunting.

    By Blogger esp.philbrook, at Friday, August 18, 2023  

  • And this esp.phillbrook, explains why the Earth is the center of such interest -- the point of concern by ETs, extra-dimensionals and the creator of this Universe we seem to inhabit?

    Tell us more...


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Friday, August 18, 2023  

  • I don't think beings from all over the universe would happen to speak the local language wherever they land. Much less be telepathic. In the fifties they were from Mars and Venus. Now that we know better they're from Zeta Riticuli. I'll bet a quarter they're from here. And it seems they like a good prank.

    By Blogger esp.philbrook, at Saturday, August 19, 2023  

  • So it just seems like we're interesting. Everyone wants to be special.

    By Blogger esp.philbrook, at Saturday, August 19, 2023  

  • I'm with you pretty much esp.p.....


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Saturday, August 19, 2023  

  • The other tenants in the building have most of us fooled into believing the ETH. Only the candyman knows for sure...

    By Blogger Christopher O'Brien, at Saturday, August 19, 2023  

  • That damn ET thing, Chris, is a brain killer.

    It's the center of the phenomenon, helped by news media which is dopier than ever nowadays.

    But I'm not fooled nor are you. We still like Tootsie Rolls.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Saturday, August 19, 2023  

  • They're not 'Extra-terrestrials' or 'extra-dimensional' - they live under the sea (see tic-tac & Catalina Island ufos) they have a head, two arms & two legs, and can seemingly breathe our atmosphere. They're from HERE!

    By Blogger DrDee, at Saturday, August 19, 2023  

  • With the rather new Homo Naledi species info. I think you may be right, DD.

    Somewhere along the evolutionsry process, interesting things occurred.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Saturday, August 19, 2023  

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