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Friday, August 11, 2023

John G and Chris L have a discussion about David Grusch and the current UFO [UAP] happenings 8/11



  • Greenewald's comments about the government fearful of losing control are right on. Not just about not being able to combat what might be a menace, but the domino effect if/when the public finds the government has been lying through its teeth, on UFOs and maybe everything else. It's a recipe for chaos.

    And because of the tight lid that has been put on the subject for so long, if/when the story breaks there won't be anyone ready for it.

    By Blogger Ron, at Friday, August 11, 2023  

  • Right. So pay no attention to those men behind the curtains.

    By Blogger Cwc, at Monday, August 14, 2023  

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