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Friday, August 18, 2023

Missing in action: UFO people who no longer matter

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With UFOs now belabored by that UAP sobriquet and the topic of UFOs having passed into the pub- lic arena – the fringe public arena – UFOs or UAP are still not talked about or are interesting to normal elements of human society – let me note the passing of one-time UFO “notables” (or persons who thought they were notable).
Curt Collins, Philip Mantle, Greg Bishop, Tom DeLonge, Miguel “Red Pill Junkie” Romero, Gene Steinberg, French skeptic Gils Fernandez, Linda Moulton Howe, Jerome Clark, et al. once got noticed by UFO enthusiasts, but no longer.
These people have passed into a kind of oblivion, mattering little to the new breed of UFOers and pretty much invisible to UFO long-timers.
They once were “headliners” of a kind, but now matter next to nothing in the UFO/UAP arena.
It’s not that they don’t matter – they don’t – it’s just that they have been outspotlighted by a new breed of nobodies who’ve gotten social media attention, something that these defunct UFO oldies never have been able to grasp, locked as they are, in their dimming or dimmed view of what’s going on in UFO circles.
I’ve listed others at my private blog – names that once resonated but now are as vapid as those who have died, leaving only a shadow of remembrance if that: Keel, Friedman, Klass, McDonald, Keyhoe, Stringfield, Jim Marrs, and a dozen others.
The UFO [UAP] spotlight is centered on a new, evanescent group of nobodies, making those once “notable” UFO personages into defunct nobodies.
The UFO litany of once-named “notables” is as forgotten as those UFO incidents that once were the mainstay of Ufology, no longer resonating with anyone who partakes of the phenomenon in 2023.
Time moves on, and so does the mantle of notice for those once the center of UFO attention.
Most just don’t know it though…

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  • UFO personalities come and go, but I wonder what the shelf life is of the UFO subject itself if the saga continues along this path. If marginalized now, I can't see an end game, rather just one long twilight state until even that fades.

    The government acts as if it can outwait any potential for discovery. And assuming there's something to be discovered, these apparent vistiors/residents seem to be most comfortable residing in the shadows. Their patience level far outstrips that of public interest.

    To paraphrase Phil Klass, we may never be more interested in this than now, and it can only go downhill from here.

    By Blogger Ron, at Friday, August 18, 2023  

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