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Friday, August 11, 2023

That old UFO stuff

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The Facebook, Reddit, social media sites are flush with old, fetid UFO sightings, photos, and detritus.

Even my Anomalist pal Bill Murphy finds interest in a regurgitation of old happenings – the Robertson Panel, the Blue Book era, the Condon Committee.
Aging Donald Schmitt cannot shake the Roswell incident. He continues to muck
around in the sordid matter, one that has obvious chinks, like …
Why did not one of the alleged many who supposedly were introduced by a participant to the malleable metal, the indestructible metal say, “Wait a minute. Let me get my Kodak Brownie camera and take a picture of this stuff. It’s remarkable" (or something like that).
And why didn’t the local newspaper grab a photo of the military fellows escorting, allegedly, Mac Brazel around town before ensconcing him in isolation?
People have been taking photos of everything since photography was introduced to society, YouTube is replete with the photos all the way back to the 1840s. And newsmen/women took photos or got interviews with people in dire straits or unusual happenings before such occurrences became common reportorial behavior.
Yet no one grabbed anything that was attention-flagging during the so-called Roswell days. The citizens complacent until 1978 when Stanton Friedman and Jesse Marcel stirred their memories (or desire for attention).
After all, these were “rubes” in the kindest sense. They had no idea about what society was like outside the musty town of Roswell or the backwaters of New Mexico.
That aside, the yearning to reclaim attention for that place or Socorro or Ann Arbor or Phoenix or Stephensville or Levelland or any other well-honed UFO site or happening has long passed.
We are in a new era.
Yes, some old UFO reports can offer clues to what present-day notables say about UFOs but those stories – by Rosales, Dennett, Caravaca – are slighted by most UFO nuts.
It’s too much trouble to ferret the noise from the signals of such wonderful accounts.
Nope. The UFO coffers will hark back to Condon, without noting he lost his security status by leaning in too closely to the Communist party, and Robertson was a loon by psychiatric measures.
And the scientific pretenders – SCU, DeLonge, even Avi – will continue to play at science and will grab a few moments of glory thereby, only to die, unrecognized by history in the long run.
Yes, old UFO stuff is still around, but, fortunately, those pushing it forefront will not be: Thank God…..


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