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Friday, August 11, 2023

The crisis in thought among UFO enthusiasts

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The bulk of persons riding the current UFO wave, particularly those referring to the phenomenon as UAPs [sic], are acting stupid, ignorant actually.
InterDimensional or Extraterrestrial species, if they exist, would not and do not have the same evolutionary thinking that has come about in the long strain of thought derived from the human species journey to sentience (or consciousness).
To think that an alien species would be attuned to the science-fictional idea of a Prime Directive is so goddam stupid, it floors me that it appears in conversations among UFO devotees.
But there are a dozen other mental gaffes that have taken hold in UFO circles lately, not all of them academically absurd. They are just mad pronouncements without any judicious thought; one just put forward asking people to sign a UK petition to get the British government to set up a UFO/UAPs [sic] investigatory agency.
This plea was presented by a Facebook group this day [8/11], silly and error-filled to boot.
Then there is the AVI Loeb Galileo Project and its gathering of “garbage” on the ocean bed, claiming interstellar intrusion. Yes, and so what Avi Loeb? It’s outer space debris, and that’s it. Nothing to do with interplanetary species or anything else, just garbage.
Then a UFO whistle-blower finally comes forward, presenting suggestive possibilities that UFO long-timers have grappled with for 80 years and the whole menageries of UFO mokes jump on the guy, slashing away at him for being autistic.
Moreover, the thinking among UFO aficionados, either on the normal, regular side or the academically-befogged side, advanced by persons like Bryan Sentes or Mike Cifone (to name a few) is so screwed up that their insertions waste our time if we pay any attention to their Marxist influenced thinking.
This goes to the idea of evolutionary thinking by human (and Earth’s sentient creatures) and the suggestion by dolts who believe a long-lived or short-lived “advanced” alien species would have the same kind of thinking as we humans, mentioned above here.
The lack of real, thoughtful intellectual acumen – among the unread and socially-media educated persons harbored in the UFO swamp – is astounding to me.
How can anyone assume the fictional attributes of a science-fantasy have standing in the long addressed literature and thought of humanity? How?



  • The delusion comes from being scared. Some cover it up better than others, whether it be with academic titles or military rankings, or being a "grown-up." That might work in the world we grew up in, but it will take a new kind of toughness to get us through any potential future that involves the new grown-ups in town.

    By Blogger Ron, at Friday, August 11, 2023  

  • Once again you ignore the obvious - UFOs can't be denied any longer, so the baseless alien hypothesis gets hyped, and the much more likely hidden earthly technology hypothesis is not even presented.

    By Blogger The Palmer, at Friday, August 18, 2023  

  • And that's the obvious, the Palmer?


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Friday, August 18, 2023  

  • No, aliens, time travelers, and interdimensional beings are the obvious, RR. You should know rust since it's all you push. Might as well say its angels.

    By Blogger The Palmer, at Saturday, August 19, 2023  

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