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Wednesday, August 16, 2023

The UFO [UAP] mess!

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The current cycle of UFO [UAP] stuff is a mess, exacerbated by many in the UFO community itself, including the so-called UFO notables, new and old.

Part of the problem lies in UFO tyros ballyhooing persons with tainted credibility: Jeremy Cor- bell, George Knapp, Greer, Lazar, DeLonge, and a raft of newbies and nobodies who are stirring the UFO waters for personal gain or attention.

(These people are greedy for fame, more than money sometimes.)

The YouTube showings -- a few have been included here -- are rife with almost everything but little about the phenomenon itself.

Some UFO long-timers (Isaac Koi, Jan Aldrich, Albert Rosales, Malcolm Robinson, et al.) are trying to maintain a compos mentis atmosphere but they are outnumbered by the fame-seekers and ignorant newbies who have no idea or understanding about UFO lore or UFO history.

This too shall pass, but meanwhile, we UFO mugwumps will remain fixated on the phenomenon and Grusch intimations -- crazy or not! -- that UFOs may be a dangerous phenomenon, one that will do in human society or human existence itself.

I was hoping to get more excited feedback here, but that isn't happening, as usual.

At least my Anomalist pal, Bill Murphy, has his eyes on the current UFO totality and that offers me a respite from the ennui prolific here.



  • It's a huge issue that few in Congress are cleared to see classified info at the high levels where the UFO problem resides. It's also off limits to AARO and NASA as well. The issue of over-classification pops up every so often on the floor of Congress, but nothing is ever done to corral the abuse. The UFO community never saw this coming, blinded as they were by the fantasy promise of disclosure. Meanwhile the coverup managers are using another effective tool at their disposal to keep everyone at bay. They've got every advantage.

    China and Russia are routinely able to breach American security and steal plans to this program or that, but our own legislators and committees are stonewalled by bad actors and bad laws. We deserve our fate.

    By Blogger Ron, at Wednesday, August 16, 2023  

  • Just to be clear, over-classification and security clearances are two sides of the same coin, and both are being used at the whim of the bad actors. When Jared Kushner can get a security clearance but Sean Kirkpatrick can't inspect Title 10 info, it's because "security" is whatever the power brokers say it is.

    By Blogger Ron, at Wednesday, August 16, 2023  

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