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Tuesday, August 15, 2023

The UFO Whistleblower, The Intercept, & Leaked What Now? Separating Fact from Fiction [8/15]



  • Greenewald's take on The Intercept article was that it was too tame to be the hallmark of an IC-instigated hatchet job, and he won't defend Klippenstein's bias in failing to report both sides of the overall UFO story. But it remains that the publication of such a piece fouls the atmosphere, and if innocent of a larger strategy, still works toward the overall plan that does exist to cast doubt. Ultimately another distraction along the way, since we're talking personalities and not spacecraft.

    He also mentioned over-classification getting in the way of finding out pertinent information, though the greater current problem is members of Congress lacking high enough security clearances to get read-in to such information. This sticky little issue also rears its head with AARO and its lack of Title 50 authority. Lots of roadblocks to overcome, if ever.

    By Blogger Ron, at Wednesday, August 16, 2023  

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