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Tuesday, August 15, 2023

The UFO/UAP thing is (truly) a hobby and a joke for almost everyone else

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A fellow on Reddit was upset when he realized that all the stuff he published about UFOs would not be recognized as his since he used an alias or avatar name instead of his real name online.
And then there are those, like my pal Albert Rosales, who is piling up his interesting collection of UFO hominid accounts on Facebook, which will be lost when Facebook folds, which it will one day, maybe sooner than expected.
Of course, the UFO (flying saucer) archivers have already seen that their efforts to collect the trove of past UFO accounts mean little as access to that material has become irrelevant in the context of recent UFO/UAP revelations.
My point? That we who are and have been interested in the flying saucer phenomenon have to look at our interest and time spent as a kind of sop to wastrel entertainment, like a poker game or sporting effort or fishing expedition: something ultimately meaningless that we’ve indulged in just to pass time as the days wind down to our demise.
I’m sure the Reddit fellow has a number of activities he’s engaged in that are not recorded or even worth being recorded. We are all flush with such inane activities.
There’s TV ad running lately that shows a handsome family on vacation at a dude ranch, learning to twirl a lariat and then dressed in Western fashion for a photo memory they can store in an album for a look-see in their old age.
I was at a media gathering the past week, and tried to broach the UFO/UAP stuff for a possible column in the local daily. 
The laughs were hearty and real. The newspaper publisher, an old friend of mine, said that with all the current news items available, news media has to pick and choose those that are really significant.

(Currently those being the Maui catastrophe, the Trump indictments, climate change and the present heat over the country, inflation, along with ongoing crimes of the populace, which are astoundingly many for most communities.)
One reporter who I’ve chastised in print laughed heartedly at the mention of UFOs by me, noting that the story is and has always been a joke in media circles. And he’s right.
That hasn’t changed. No serious account of what is portended by David Grusch or his supporters counts for much TV or newspaper copy. It’s a staple for NewsNation and that’s about it.
So, back to the idiosyncrasies of the phenomenon and those ballyhooing it.

We “hobbyists” are alone in our obsession which is ignored by our peers and wasting our time on something that others see as a laugh, like those who watch vacationers learning how to spin a lariat.


  • The nature of hobbies is that they're ongoing and never conclude. So, yeah, this is a hobby, and as you note, one that's often best not discussed in public. Push comes to shove I label myself an aerospace enthusiast, which is innocuous enough while being a bit more entertaining in general discussion than, say, a stamp collector.

    By Blogger Ron, at Tuesday, August 15, 2023  

  • The Grusch story is already over, in any meaningful sense. It will live on within ufology, as many similar tales have, and people will definitely make money off of it, and some will let it consume their lives (greater pity for them), but there was no “there” there for any reasonable person looking at it (and I had a number of friends, not interested in ufology at all, who were initially interested in the Grusch tale, but they all shrugged their shoulders after his testimony and said, basically, “that’s it?”).

    It’s always been a hobby, because that’s all that it’s worth, at least until the day actual, real, hard evidence is presented that proves we are not alone. Grusch was not that evidence, any more than Corso was, or Lear was, or the Dennis was, or Haut was… it’s a very long list.


    By Blogger Paul Andrew Kimball, at Tuesday, August 15, 2023  

  • From Tony Bragalia:

    no one pays anyone to be a UFOlogist.

    UFOlogy is my avocation, not my vocation.

    No one -and I mean no one- makes a living being a UFOlogist.

    What they do make is supplementary- not a livable income. So, by its very nature, UFOlogy has to be a hobby.

    {OK, there is one guy -the Greek with the Hair from Ancient Aliens that makes real money and that is because he owns the show (along with the ancient Eric Von Daniken) }

    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Tuesday, August 15, 2023  

  • Paul, your friends may have "shrugged" after the Grusch testimony (some of my golf friends did, also) because they misunderstood what "public testimony" is all about, especially when the person giving it is STILL bound by various security oaths. Grusch could do no more (or less) than he did in the long interview with Ross Coulthart. If people expected more, that's their problem.
    Yet, Paul, the Grusch story (unlike the stories of Corso or Lear, etc.) goes well beyond this public testimony...as you well know. Grusch, unlike the other second-hand witnesses to something UFO, has provided first-hand names under oath to the IG and to the relevant Senate intelligence committees. (Mark Rubio has said publically that he has heard similar accounts from other whistleblowers and that he can think of no good reason why all of them should be lying.) So no one else, to my knowledge, has ever done this. Now it is up to the relevant congressional intelligence committees to go after the "hard evidence" that we require to prove, once and for all, whether we are "alone" or not. And if they don't do this it sure as hell won't be David Grusch's fault.

    By Blogger Dominick, at Tuesday, August 15, 2023  

  • "Grusch . . . has provided first-hand names under oath to the IG and to the relevant Senate intelligence committees."

    Dominick makes the important point as to why things are different this time . . .

    "Now it is up to the relevant congressional intelligence committees to go after the hard evidence . . ."

    . . . and why things might still very well stall out. Denial of access to SCIFs, and limited classified clearances for senators and staff. And just because there are names it doesn't mean they can be compelled to testify without subpoenas, court cases, appeals, and more stalling. The other whistleblowers may not want to endure the blowback that Grusch is being put through. The behind-the-scenes pressure being applied is greater than we can imagine, and protections be damned. So far nobody thinks it's worth giving up their career and maybe life for this. And the secret-holders have no reason yet to think they lack their own protection, which wouldn't surprise as being more robust than what the whistleblowers have.

    By Blogger Ron, at Tuesday, August 15, 2023  

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