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Friday, August 18, 2023

We have to step outside our everyday reality

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At Substack, Facebook, X, Academia.edu, and other venues I inhabit (or visit) resides my peripheral interests in things mundane, things Earth-oriented.
But I, as you, am transfixed by what UFOs portend and have always portended: that there is a reality besides this one in which I’m typing this.
Aside from the recent Grusch intrusion, whether his remarks are true, partially true, or even false (which I doubt), we know, you readers here and me, that UFOs are the clue to another existence that impinges on the one that we seem to be immersed in, and that reality is the one coming upon all of humanity, sooner than later I think.
That other reality – the real reality or a new version of reality – has been visualized or experienced by others over the long history of mankind.
Maurice Bucke’s Cosmic Consciousness dwells on it and provided an overlay of that reality but his masterpiece is devoid of details and hardcore examples of what that other reality – maybe one of many – is.
My absorption in the Catholic Faith and the deceitful, pathological non-god that premises it (and all of Christianity and Judaism) is more of a hobby than the UFO phenomenon may be for me.
Your absorptions in sports, economics, philosophy, entertainment, food, travel, and other human delights are just as facile, maybe more so.
It’s that UFO niche that makes us long for a look at other realities, even those that have no real entrée to the real reality: like psychedelic overload, or meditation or searches for Sasquatch, or other weird paranormal thingies.
It’s the non-human designation of David Grusch and other “insiders” to secrets that whet our appetite for the other side.
So, let’s have at it – set aside, somewhat -- your daily longings to subdue pain with pleasure – and got on with a real push to unmask that UFO reality, despite the abhorrence of others or their indifference.
We know that the UFO phenomenon is where it’s at, as they used to say…


  • After over twenty years looking into the UFO “reality”, I am convinced, beyond any reasonable doubt and barring actual, tangible evidence that would change my mind (and Grusch and his stories isn’t it), that there is nothing to it at all that portends anything of significance or importance to humanity. I didn’t go looking for nothing… but that’s what I found.

    By Blogger Paul Andrew Kimball, at Friday, August 18, 2023  

  • So it's a vast human hallucination or projection as Jung indicated?



    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Friday, August 18, 2023  

  • When I worked with the RCMP as a special constable in the wilds of Cape Breton while in law school, I learned a lot about witnesses, and perception, and memory (in a practical context, as opposed to a theoretical one). Perception and memory are extremely fallible, particularly memory. Witness testimony is the weakest form of evidence, by far - having testified in more than a few trials after my stint was over, I was thankful that it was standard practice to take contemporaneous notes that we were allowed to reference to “refresh our memory” (and most UFO witnesses don’t make those kinds of notes - indeed, I have never really seen any). Yet witness accounts form the basis for the overwhelming majority of UFO stories, usually mucked up (as both you and I have pointed out over the years) by untrained and often biased questioners who interview the witnesses much later. This forms a body of sometimes interesting stories, essentially modern folklore… but nothing more.

    So, no appeal to vast human hallucinations or projections are needed. Just an understanding of the inherent fallibility of human beings as observers and interpreters.

    By Blogger Paul Andrew Kimball, at Friday, August 18, 2023  

  • But the basis of such witness testimony is in the ballpark of truth or realitu, if one is qualified to ferret it out.

    I did a paper on the matter for my Abnormal Psych class...


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Friday, August 18, 2023  

  • I challenge you to show me a qualified AND unbiased researcher into the UFO subject who could conduct a proper interview.

    Said challenge being more or less rhetorical, of course, because I already know the answer (the answer being that I can count them on one hand).

    By Blogger Paul Andrew Kimball, at Friday, August 18, 2023  

  • Well, yah, PK...

    The failure lies in the gathering of testimony and evidence, so you have me there.

    I know of no one nor have ever seen UFO witness interviewee professionally. Even John Mack's interviews were shallow it seemed to me.

    (And the psychiatrists who let us students sit in on some of their consultations often caused convulsions among we students.)

    But a good witness like Lonnie Zamora or that military guy -- his name eludes me at the moment -- who went out to scout a UFO over a nuclear facility and offers a lucid, vibrant account of his experience, elicits enough information to come to a rational idea of what was actually experienced.

    Leave the "interviewers" out and the newspaper or UFO organization's rewrites and you can get an idea of what actually transpired -- even if the truth is that the witnesses had a mental break for a moment.

    Thanks for the link -- I recall your feelings then and get them now.

    But you're being a bit Quakerish...


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Friday, August 18, 2023  

  • It’s funny you mention Lonnie Zamora, because I remember you being excoriated years ago by the UFO Updates crowd for going on and on about what his eyeglasses prescription was. David Rudiak and Jerry Clark were particularly harsh on you, as I recall, for asking what was a simple, pertinent, and reasonable question that should have had an easy and ready-at-hand answer.

    But I guess that’s what you got for once being properly “Quakerish”. :-)

    By Blogger Paul Andrew Kimball, at Friday, August 18, 2023  

  • Hahaha PK -- those good ol' days.

    I'm with you on the nadir in witness reports, but the problems reside, mostly, via the takers of the info.

    As you intuit, they (the interviewers) are not (usually) trained in interviewing techniques and those that are seem to get stymied by the unusual nature of what they are dealing with.

    Nonetheless, I continue to rail against the rehacking of old accounts and sightings as the material gathered -- even "data" -- is often smudged by mistakes or a lack of significant ingredients.

    Those saying they love archive materials rarely access them, or if they do, they won't find much to enlighten them more than that old info might have long ago when first examined.

    Where you and I differ -- if we do -- is the possibility that Grusch may have heard real stories by people who actually know.

    I understand you, Bragalia, Randle and a slew of others don't think this is the case but I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt just in case those who supposedly tattled to him really provided a true account of what they accessed in reality or via actual documents.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Friday, August 18, 2023  

  • I thought the Zamora glasses issue had been put to rest long ago. They briefly fell off as I recall, and then put back on. And it would not matter anyway, its a silly objection. This happened in broad daylight, and he was within 100' (33 paces) or less of the object. He made a detailed description of a smallish insignia on the object. To surmise that he was in fact 'blind' and made a mistake in identification is ridiculous. I am about 20/200 (would qualify as severe myopia) without my contacts - I cannot drive without them but can certainly function in daytime without them. The assumption that Zamora misidentified a balloon or some test craft always leads me to ask: would YOU have made the same mistake?

    By Blogger jamesrav, at Saturday, September 16, 2023  

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