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Saturday, September 09, 2023

A Google UFO Alert for 9/9 that is interesting, really



  • Dave is absolutely correct. The UFO reality is, potentially, the biggest story in human history. Well, if it is, Dave, why are you not attempting to run the truth of the story down? This I just don't get. Professional journalists will acknowledge that the UFO reality could be the biggest story ever. And untold fame awaits the newspaper or reporter who ultimately breaks the truth of the story. (Think Watergate). Yet the bulk of the legacy media all sit back and write stories about Britney Spears or the latest Barbie movie. Am I missing something here?!

    By Blogger Dominick, at Saturday, September 09, 2023  

  • Mainstream media is corrupt and compromised. They'll only engage if someone else falls on the sword first. It's the small-town gadflies leading the charge, but they're without resources or the wherewithal to go after Big Gov. I'd argue Billy Cox is the loudest voice in this ongoing story, but he's not working for 60 Minutes, which doesn't have the power to influence it once had, and he's fighting for his life anyway. His voice doesn't carry far.

    Best any of them can do is call attention to the lies and truth, which a few people will understand, but not the masses. It's a small victory but hardly satisfying.

    By Blogger Ron, at Saturday, September 09, 2023  

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