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Monday, September 04, 2023

Calvin Parker

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While I was heading back to my lake home the other day, I thought I saw a Facebook notification that Pascagoula’s abduction star, Calvin Parker, had died.
It showed up on my phone and I couldn’t locate the source or note
Then I saw Bill Murphy’s note about it on his 9/4 Anomalist link, pointing to Kevin Randle’s memorial posting.
I had a few, slight contacts with Calvin via our Facebook “friend- ship” and was glad that there appeared, recently, witnesses who seemed to corroborate his and Charles Hickson’s episode.
Calvin has always come off as a good ol’ boy, not inclined to create a ploy or hoax anyone.
The Pascagoula incident is remarkable in its uniqueness; it was (is) different than every other ET kidnap story extant.
That he struggled the past few years, with illnesses mostly, was a sad intervention in his new-found fame (or notoriety), but he worked his way through the medical crises as he moved, truthfully it seems, through his alien encounter.
I’m certain he’s in a “heavenly” place now and at peace with his ordeals here on the Earthly plane, including his other-worldly adventures.


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