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Saturday, September 02, 2023

Google UFO [UAP] Alerts [9/2]: all links about The AARO Web-site

The diversionary web-site of AARO (a DoD concoction) has diverted UFO enthusiasts and UFO people smarter than me and most of us from the supposed Grusch "disclosures" and other serious UFO (or UAP) matters.

A "brilliant" ploy -- except some of us are not fooled.

More will appear from many sources in the coming days (and have already begun).

The 9/2 Alerts:

Pentagon launches 'one-stop shop' website for UFO information and reporting | CNN Politics

The US Department of Defense has launched a website intended to be a “one-stop shop” for publicly available information on “unidentified anomalous  | Facebook Twitter

This is a sign the Pentagon is taking UFOs seriously | CNN Politics

The US Department of Defense has launched a website for publicly available information on “unidentified anomalous phenomena”, UAPs [sic], also known as ...| Facebook Twitter

Federal website launching to share information on UFOs - | NY1

The website will include photos and videos on declassified UAP cases as well as a frequently asked questions section and links to tracking sites. | Facebook Twitter

Pentagon launches website with access to declassified info about UFOs - | YouTube

Pentagon says it's a one-stop shop for UFO records | Facebook Twitter

Pentagon launches 'one-stop shop' for declassified info about UFOs - | Yahoo News

The Defense Department on Thursday unveiled a website that's intended to serve as a clearinghouse for declassified information about unidentified ...| Facebook Twitter

Pentagon launches UFO website - | YouTube

The Pentagon has called the site a "one-stop-shop" for all publicly available information about UFOs.| Facebook Twitter

Pentagon unveils 'one-stop shop' site for non-classified UFO docs - | YouTube

The Pentagon unveiled a new website that promises one-stop shopping for all non-classified government records on UFOs. The site will eventually ... | Facebook Twitter

Pentagon unveils new official UFO website - Indianapolis - WTHR

The new website launch is following a recent string of documents being officially declassified by the government. | Facebook Twitter

How does the new Pentagon UFO website work? | The Independent

This initiative, part of ongoing efforts to bring transparency to the mysterious world of unidentified aerial phenomena, was launched on Thursday 31 ...| Facebook Twitter



  • It's not often the public gets to see a government entity consolidate power as blatantly as the Pentagon has done here, not just with AARO but also their push to shut down special committees and further investigations in Congress. Trying to get answers now has two chances: slim and fat. While everyone else was dawdling around and distracted, DoD went to the mattresses and won the turf war.

    By Blogger Ron, at Saturday, September 02, 2023  

  • In the old days, Mike Wallace at "60 Minutes" would have gotten to David Grusch and the whole crazy UFO cover-up story would have come out for all to see. The Pentagon would have been back-peddling. Today, instead, legacy investigative journalism is dead and the Pentagon and Deep State and their legions of toadie "reporters" have their foot on the cover-up gas...again. Dozens of stories about the Pentagon setting up a new website. Wow, now THAT's a big story, right?

    By Blogger Dominick, at Sunday, September 03, 2023  

  • This is what news reportage has come to: social media-like nothingness.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Sunday, September 03, 2023  

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