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Sunday, September 10, 2023

Media: National reporters and news organizations

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Most visiting here know that an avocation of mine is commenting on news media with my MediaWatch status. (Seriously, since 1990)
Today, 9/10, I watched NBC’s Morning Today show. The opening story, for two minutes was the Morocco earthquake which has killed over 2000 people there and devastated villages and towns of the country’s citizens.

But the host Willie Geist jumped to a story about CoCo Gauff winning the U.S. Open tennis, a 4 minute recap of her and the match.
This was followed by other minor stories, one about an unknown young woman making a mark in the music world – a woman who will be forgotten in a few months as many hot performers end up.
That national and large city news operations, cable, TV, news press, et cetera, aren’t covering UFO happenings and news is not surprising. It’s the flashy zip of persons and happenings that get news coverage; and UFOs (or UAP) are not zippy or interesting to social society.
Human population is absorbed by the passing fads of celebrity and spotlighted persons who mean nothing, actually, in the current movement of existence, which is on the brink of destruction (climate change, all-out war between super powers, or COVID 19).
To bemoan the slipshod gathering of important news or really interesting societal items is futile.
The rise and ubiquity of social media – what people are eating or doing (no matter how mundane and boring) or where the population travels to – has usurped reportage of journalists and news operations.
Accept that and concentrate on the profound meaning of UFOs, and know that at some point, UFOs will dominate the news and life – when it may be too late to halt what that means: the alteration of humanity, to a point worse than climate change, nuclear war, or epidemic.


  • There’s a reason for the lack of coverage (other than the brief blitz during the hearing, a lot of which was for the novelty of it all) - there’s nothing of any import to report, and certainly nothing that impacts people’s lives in a meaningful way. If the day ever comes (which I doubt) when that changes, you can bet your bottom dollar the media will be all over it.

    By Blogger Paul Kimball, at Sunday, September 10, 2023  

  • There are certainly many reporters -although we do seem to have too few of them now - that would jump at the chance of the world changing information.

    How can it exist and NOT be reported beyond the hokum supposedly briefed to our congress.. I can go along with our military keeping its secrets but what about the other militaries about the world? Could they buy off All others?

    Not one close and clear photograph?

    What's missing here?


    By Blogger Bryan Daum, at Sunday, September 10, 2023  

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