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Saturday, September 09, 2023

The “Disclosure” Mess

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I’ve always disdained the idea of “Disclosure” especially as es- poused by Greer and Basset.
But that anticipation has been watered down or eliminated by the Grusch scenario, which had, although it too has pretty much disintegrated, more than a whimper of possibility.
Then there is (or was) the Avi Loeb “disclosure” which has more to do with interstellar material than UFOs.
Many UFO long-timers, aging and near the death door, are anxiety-ridden and praying for someone or something to disclose that UFOs – now UAP – are adventurers from another planet, a few even accepting the once shrugged-off interdimensional source, desperate as they are for anything that confirms their belief that UFOs are intermediaries from a place outside our mundane reality.
But, even though such UFO newbies as Chris Lehto, John Greenewald Jr. or NewsNation and a few others provide evidence of the long-time suppression of a UFO reality, there is no “disclosure” on the horizon.
The keepers of the UFO reality are not about to disclose any information confirming what we long-timers have accepted for many years: UFOs (flying saucers) are a mysterious reality that forebodes non-human existences.
So, as we have to jettison the use of the UAP epithet, we must eschew the idea that disclosure is imminent.
We just have to wait for an act of God that presents a UFO via public accident or exposure by someone who is at the right place at the right time.


  • You could be correct. It may take an act of God (?) to finally get to the truth..and that could take a while. Let me make a prediction, however, and we can check back one year from today (Sept. 9, 2023) to see if I'm right: Within the next year, select congressional intelligence committees--under great public and media pressure--will call first-hand whistleblowers to testify; the whistleblowers will identify the locations of UFO debris and the reality of reverse-engineering programs and present documented proof of such; the next president, whoever he/she is, will then acknowledge the historical cover-up and substantial information discovered over the decades concerning the nature of the phenomenon. I'm dreaming of course.

    By Blogger Dominick, at Saturday, September 09, 2023  

  • Yep, dreaming Dom, but dreams are what keeps us going....

    Something has got to give, eventually, right?

    But I can't hold my breath that long.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Saturday, September 09, 2023  

  • That's a good summation, Rich.

    What continues to amaze is how the government can, year after year, keep this coverup going. Somehow the old guard holds out, recruiting newbies to take their place, who buy into the program, whatever that is. It must be a compelling secret that keeps a hold of the generations, old and new.

    Seems like they can outwait us all.

    By Blogger Ron, at Saturday, September 09, 2023  

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