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Tuesday, September 05, 2023

The Peru Invasions

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Little to no pursuit of the rather current tales of 7 foot tall ETs harassing Peru farmers and simple folk.
The “photos” showing up in media and on YouTube are fascinating, whether faked or real – the latter being significant if true or actual.
Peru is too far away to count or matter? Too exotic?
UFO people shuffling off to Exeter and other UFO venues of little or no import should be set aside for a Peruvian visit by some real UFO researcher, if there are any, or just one maybe.
If I were a “researcher” instead of a rank amateur “theorist,” I’d go, passport ready.
But I’m hoping someone might check out the episodes, first-hand as the media coverage and hearsay are really pathetic.
The few tidbits showing up are, however, enticing even with their rumor-oriented flavor.


  • U.S. sightings entered a boring phase some time ago, but Latin American ones continue to entertain as if they're still in the '50s.

    Kevin Randle's blog today talks about saucer EM effects on photographs, so how to explain blurry occupant snaps?

    I'm not buying them being real, but they are fun. And yeah, here's an active UFO situation, and ufologists from LA and the U.S. are ghosts. And scientists of course never show up. James Fox should take his camera down there now and not wait for a streaming documentary deal years hence.

    By Blogger Ron, at Tuesday, September 05, 2023  

  • My pal Kevin has long been on an E-M kick for UFO things.... I'm less sure but there does seem to be some connection.

    As for photos via phones or cameras often far from the thing sighted, the idea seems off the mark.

    But as you state, Ron, photos are entertaining even in their 1840-like outcome.

    (1840 was the beginning of photography.)


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Tuesday, September 05, 2023  

  • Seems to me that exotic propulsion might very well effect the electromagnetism spectrum, but I'll leave the science to amateurs since the pros don't seem interested in figuring it out.

    The first photograph was taken in 1826, the year Jefferson and Adams died. That's amazing to contemplate. Apparently iPhone and Android still have some problems to work out. I'd like to blame them and/or bozo photographers, but think blurry is more of a hoax trick than anything else.

    By Blogger Ron, at Tuesday, September 05, 2023  

  • Watching reviews of phone cameras on YouTube indicates that some snappy photos can be made with the phones now in use -- and cameras have been able to do so for a very long time so I bet your suggestion, Ron, that the flukes are within the takers, not the instruments is on point.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Tuesday, September 05, 2023  

  • The Anomalist posted a John Greenewald article about the Pentagon classifying all photos taken by military pilots of UAP interference. One would assume many are crystal clear -- all except the cellphone snaps which are blurry as heck. (snicker)

    By Blogger Ron, at Tuesday, September 05, 2023  

  • Photos of aliens in Peru? Doubtful. At least Billy Meier had hundreds of very clear photos (likely fakes), most of which were not affected by EM effects! (Someone please explain how he faked that famous "wood cut" photo which was obviously shot at a great distance) When the Peruvians put up some some HD pictures like that, then I might get interested. .

    By Blogger Dominick, at Wednesday, September 06, 2023  

  • I wonder who first commented sarcastically long ago that Bigfoot himself is blurry, and that's why all such photos and video are as well. Same holds for these 'ET alien' photos I guess. I thought the Peru situation was fairly well explained by attempts to scare the locals due to some valuable natural resource in the area. As far as jet-setting to explore UFO reports, has that ever been the case? I listened to a fascinating interview with the great J. Allen Hynek, and he was pushing his newsletter for $1 throughout the interview. I don't blame him. Are there rich UFO investigators who can drop $3,000 for airfare and hotel to investigate a report 4,000 miles away?

    By Blogger jamesrav, at Friday, September 08, 2023  

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