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Wednesday, September 06, 2023

The UAPs [sic] thing

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Last night [9/5] YouTube shot me a notification of a new Chris Lehto video:
And Cheryl Costa sent me a copy of her new newspaper column about UFOs:
Plus more UAPs [sic] notices per YouTube, one from NewsNation:
The UAP initialism is Unidentified Amorphous/Abnormal/Aerial/Anomalous Phenomena 
Phenomena is a plural, as you well know, for phenomenon. To add an “s” is an egregious grammatical mistake.
I make grammatical mistakes all the time but this ongoing blunder by UFO folks and news media, who should know better, is more than egregious. It’s ignorance flawed further by trying to make UAP a replacement sobriquet for UFOs.
Long-time UFO people should not fall prey to the U.S. DoD, which hopes to submerge the UFO problem by various means, one being a change in its essence from “objects” to something innocent like “amorphous” or “anomalous.”
When I see UAPs used, I usually eschew the person or message in which it appears, my old HS English teacher applauding in Heaven’s night school.


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