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Tuesday, September 05, 2023

UFO doorknobs, emphasis on knobs

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My Facebook pal, Jan Aldrich, the eminent founder of Project 1947, is, on Facebook, trolling for minutiae about the Ken Arnold sighting. 

And he’s got a few people worked up about the emaciated details of that original flying saucer event. 

This brings me to note that my readers here are generally beyond such suffocating nostalgic reminiscences. 

However, some of you – and we all know who I refer to -- are not thinking as well as you are able. 

For instance, to insist that UFO [ET] abductions have a reality, overlooks my pointing out that an advanced species inserting itself in Earth’s humanity, would have better sources of what makes up human beings than grabbing them, helter-skelter and probing their insides. 

Such a non-advanced practice is ridiculous on its face and reflects a pathology inside human minds. 

Also, to accept the idea that Billy Meier’s “UFO” photos are authen- tic pictures of real UFO craft is ludicrous: Has he ever displayed a photo of the inside of those crafts? Or any details that corroborate the idea of an advanced species from the Pleiades constellation or any information from his imagined Pleiadian pals that show an advanced state of existence that “proves” Meier’s fairy tale confabulation? 

And the idea that ETs are cavorting around the Earth in numbers that UFO sightings indicate is ludicrous on its face. There are too many places in the Universe or even just our galaxy that call for examination by exploring species from elsewhere to draw many, many ET visitors to the meadows here to mutilate cows when a real advanced species would take a cow aboard their craft – as shown in a video I placed on here showing just that – to eviscerate the poor beast. 

Then the insistence of many Facebookers, Reddit members, and Twitter [X] posters that UFOs are UAP, and belong in the para-normal lexicon is sickeningly ignorant. 

One can understand why the Sentes/Cifone crowd is trying to enforce logical restraints and philosophical meanderings on the UFO/UAP crowd. The stupidity is staggering and deplores what mankind should be about as a rational species on this Earth. 

No, UFO people, and some visiting here are members of the doofus class of morons who have been loosed on society by the glorious ubiquity of social media.



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