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Friday, November 24, 2023

For UFO [UAP] information, we have no credible or central source to obtain it

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In the “past” UFO heyday, we UFO buffs had a few places to hang out where the UFO phenomenon was front and center and dyna- mically discussed and/or argued with a pastiche of topical news and up-to-date, reliable accounts offered for prattle – the primary hang-out was UFO UpDates, moderated (with personality biases) by now deceased Errol Bruce-Knapp.
Today, the UFO UpDate mantle appears in skeletal form on Face- book, controlled by Curt Collins and a few of his cronies. (It’s a sad replacement, unnoticed pretty much in today’s UFO/UAP circles.)
And there is no central UFO web-site, blog, podcast, YouTube channel, or anything else where UFO enthusiasts hang or would like to hang.
The UFO category is now a hoary mess of newbies, wannabes, and climbers-on, all hoping to make a dent in the public’s notice – even if for only a brief moment of fame or notoriety.
This list of fame-seekers includes names which are already hidden from public awareness, so I won’t mention them, but then there are the persons on the tip of UFO tongues, for the moment but sure to evaporate sooner than later: Chris Lehto, Jesse Michels, Joe Rogan, the Ancient Astronaut boys (all of them), George Knapp, Jeremy Corbell, Ross Coulthart, Mick West, Mike Shellenberger, Leslie Kean, Diana Pasulka, Steve Greer, Stephen Bassett and long-timers, many already forgotten – Jerome (Jerry) Clark, Bruce Maccabee, Stan Friedman, and others at the tip of my memory, but already hard to recall.
Isaac Koi’s mountainous archive of old UFO polemics, magazines, books, mimeographed notes and other print detritus – no current media gatherings of videos or podcasts yet in place – may yield names for seekers of UFO lore and history (few as those are or will be). But it will be the UFO events that resonate, not the persons who tried to figure out what UFOs are.
Nope. We do not have a UFO campfire to sit around and discuss the matter, or a central place where UFO appearances are a main topic and speculated upon, nor any UFO consolidation where we can aggregate ideas about the phenomenon and sort the good from the bad.
UFOs are as discursive and scattered as the brains trying to discern what they are and their import in the grand scheme of things.
This does not bode well for discerning the enigmatic things; like God, they lie outside human understanding, mostly because they are not central to human discourse.



  • "This does not bode well for discerning the enigmatic things; like God, they lie outside human understanding, mostly because they are not central to human discourse."

    After all the books and articles and TV shows over the years, ufology's second-biggest failure has been its inability to turn UFOs mainstream, or as you say, "central to human discourse." As a small capital-generating venture for the participants, I guess it suffices.

    The biggest failure, of course, has been in figuring out what UFOs are. The community has been ill-prepared to fight City Hall's shutdown of anything that would lead to some understanding. The blow-back to this roadblock has been confusion, an inability to shuck built-in bias, a willingness to endure hucksterism, and in many cases amateurish research.

    The same could be said for the Fourth Estate. The media has given up investigative passion and every other principle journalism used to stand for, just to survive for no other purpose than to do so.

    By Blogger Ron, at Saturday, November 25, 2023  

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