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Monday, November 13, 2023

Is Earth an experimental laboratory?

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I’m sure the idea titled above has been worked to death by sci-fi writers. (Name any book or story you’re familiar with, that exudes the lab idea, in comments here.)
The problem, for me, with the idea – which also factors, somewhat, in my Yahweh thesis on Substack – is that Earth is a pitiful example of a planet in the cosmos, on first encountering it, superficially.
But any scrutiny by a super sentient species or “divine” entity allows for the possibility that our planet could well serve as a laboratory for experiments of all kinds; it might even have been transfigured for that very purpose, billions of years ago.
This would preclude any idea of the Matrix scenario or any Ancient Alien hypothesis. It would be a premise supported by an accep- tance of a reality that includes the concept(s) of a master intelli- gence operating within the Universe, an intelligence we would be better to call something other than God, in order to avoid a schmaltzy patina-like that which is already abundant in human thought.
The many universes hypothesis opens the possibility that Earth is a test laboratory by something(s) greater than that which is our immediate reality.
(The hypothetical many dimensions concept also would apply.)
My point here isn’t to be a chintzy sci-fi exploiter but is rather meant to curb or dilute the UFO ideas of an ET explanation or Time-traveling humans from our future scenario or the suggestion that Earth contains a hidden crypto-terrestrial species inserting itself in the process of humanity threading itself along an evolu- tionary line or deterministic course (provided by a malevolent deity).
Rather, I’d hope that some reading this may have some ideas about how or why something or somebody would establish Earth or use it as a testing laboratory of some kind, and to what end or purpose.


  • One way to look at it is our Earth and species is rare in an otherwise empty universe and has attracted the attention of another rare and somewhat more advanced race, who have managed to survive their own travails. That common survival gene should be worth studying since it would be attractive to a civilization intent on seeding the galaxy in its own image.

    We shouldn't give them a pass on intent just because we haven't yet been assimilated or had our natural resources strip-mined.

    By Blogger Ron, at Tuesday, November 14, 2023  

  • Why not cut to the chase? Rumi said: "God loves two things most of all, company and experiments. The physical universe provides both". The Seth books had some ideas along those lines. ( Jane Roberts). Mark Twain said that he felt like an experiment! I feel like a question mark.

    By Blogger esp.philbrook, at Saturday, November 18, 2023  

  • Don't we all, esp.phillbrook?


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Saturday, November 18, 2023  

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