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Saturday, November 11, 2023

It’s not the UFO “vehicles” but that which operates them

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People can spot all the UFOs they want or UAP detritus, but those sightings will only provide circumstantial evidence (“data” as some like to note) of what UFOs are or derive from.
But encounters with “beings” said to or thought to disembark from that which is spotted are where the real answer to the UFO mystery resides.
And Albert Rosales’ vast collection of UFO encounters or related appearances of humanoid entities is where we might find what we are looking for as an answer to the UFO riddle.
Those encounter tales collected by Rosales and the many forgotten or little-known UFO reports lying dormant in YouTube or media collections are resplendent with details telling us the origins of the UFO reality.
Of course there are some made-up stories and hallucinatory episodes but those that might be determined to be credible and true – if possible – would go a long way to resolving the so-far unfathomable mystery.


  • We have been told forever by evolutionary experts that the chances of life elsewhere resembling life her are extremely remote. Yet, the bulk of the "entities" reported around UFO encounters have almost always been recognizable as proto-human: A head, eyes, 2 hands and 2 feet and an overall size not completely outside human proportions. Notice, we don't get two heads, five hands, eyes in back of the head, three legs, and creatures only a foot or so in height. I've never read a witness description that said that the entity resembled, say, a small dog or a lion or a 20 foot frog. They may be lizard-like in some cases and the eyes vary all over the place BUT most HAVE eyes, and two of them right in front, and they manipulate "tools" with hand-like appendages just as we do. So, guess what? The evolutionary experts had best go back to the drawing boards since, it appears, that the "evidence" contradicts their hypothesis. Or, alternatively, perhaps whoever is in final control of this phenomenon is making the entities APPEAR in a form that we can (just barely) connect with...

    By Blogger Dominick, at Saturday, November 11, 2023  

  • Take a look at the video I just put online -- the Michels/Masters interview.

    That should strike a chord with you.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Saturday, November 11, 2023  

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