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Sunday, November 12, 2023

Michael Masters: Time traveling intruders or ET operatives, maybe even “demons”?

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I’ve noted Mike Masters first book – Identified Flying Objects – earlier here (as a set-by read) and I’ve placed his second book (pictured) in my Amazon Cart, hoping his third book, seen in the Jesse Michels’ YouTube video linked a few postings down,  becomes available soon.
But I’m concerned that Masters may be on the brink of a psychotic breakdown, as illus- trated by him during the Michels’ interview.
Masters narrated what, for all psychological intents, some mental aberrations that any psychiatrist or psychological health provider would see (or hear) from him as he recounted how some odd individuals – of hallucinatory demeanor – interacted with him telepathically a few times before and after his appearances at UFO conventions and seminars.
(Listen to his revelatory remarks in the Michels’ YouTube video linked below.)
Masters semi-psychotic state of mind is either obvious or he actually was mentally intruded upon by some abstract entities from elsewhere – he says they are humans from this planet's future but that’s his take on the voices and “presence” they present.
For me, future humans would not be interacting with anyone telepathically, Masters included, as telepathy is not an actual progressive element (evolution) of human mental abilities; it is a trumped-up fiction of PSI promoters going back to J.B. Rhine and his followers.
That aside, I’ve, generally, thought that schizophrenics and other psychotics may, sometimes, be mentally intruded upon by voices and visions from which some have received no surcease while others are released by such intrusive elements via medicines or other psychical machinations.
Neurologists – our guy Josh among them – belabor the idea that voices and/or visions among the mentally aggrieved come from brain malfunction, biological mischief as it were.
Either way, neurological malfeasance or actual intrusions by entities from outside one’s mental configuration – as José Caravaca’s Distortion Theory contends – Masters’s voices in his head betray either a neurological disjunction or he has been assaulted by presences from without, his voices claiming or hinting at being from Earth’s future.
The matter is open for conjecture and research, Masters appearing to be sane and generally healthful.
The problem for me, with his interpretation of his experience is that it is science fictional, but slightly more refined than that of early flying saucer contacted persons as enumerated by Nick Redfern in his book Contactees [2010]: Adamski, Angelucci, Bethurum, Daniel Fry, Robert Short, et al.
At this point, I’m putting Michael Masters on the back burner of UFO importance.
Either he is moderately psychotic or the recipient of some disguised malevolence by way of “interlopers” from somewhere outside the normalcy of our reality.

I can't tell which...


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