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Tuesday, January 02, 2024

UFO Government Files Declassified | Full Documentary


And odd 2021 documentary -- note old clips of NBC anchor (I forget his name, forgive me) and inserts of old TV interviews of AF and Blue Book officers -- but rather contemporary views bi Philip Mantle and Malcolm Robinson on the AATIP videos aftermath.

(Whenever Malcolm was speaking, a jangled set of music was inserted smudging his Scottish brogue.)

What grabbed me was the mish-mash of UFO info from old, outdated material (Keyhoe) and incidents mixed with the AATIP clips.

Also, one of the Kinsella fellows -- a UFO resear- cher and "experiencer" -- at about the 28 minute mark -- sums up what is going on with the UFO to UAP switch. An exact view of the flim-flammery of the U.S. military I, and others, have been bitching about and UAP devotees (UFO tyros) don't get.



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